Mulch Brothers


The Mulch Brothers: are one of the hottest and most talked about unsigned country music duos coming out of Nashville, TN today. Like the Doobie Brothers, the Righteous Brothers or the Ramones - Mark and Nick became "Mulch Brothers" back in 2006 when they met and became friends working in the music industry in NYC. Recognizing the potential and unmistakable chemistry between their two styles of music - Mark coming from his background of hard rock and Southern rock on the East Coast; Nick being the more traditional country music singer from Michigan - the boys quit their jobs, packed their bags and moved down to Nashville, TN to follow their dream of becoming the next big Country Music Duo. Recognized throughout the industry for their high-energy "arena-rock" style shows and their tight, unique harmonies - the Mulch Brothers began to quickly make waves in the industry after only a few months in Nashville. Within their first year of playing the Nashville club scene- they were joined on stage by Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi who jammed/sang along to their song "Knee Deep In It." The Mulch Brothers have since opened up for the likes of Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora, Big & Rich, Shenandoah, Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), Keith Anderson, Gary Nichols, Trailer Choir, Pam Tillis and Jewel.

The Mulch Brothers released their debut EP "Dig It Y'All!" in April of 2008. Produced by Billy Falcon and Mitch Malloy - the reaction to this independent release has been tremendous and sales of both the CD and digital downloads impressive. Scott Lindy - Programming Director of Sirius Satellite Radio - picked up on the EP immediately and began playing the single "Love Run Wild" back in May of 2008 on their primary Country station - New Country Channel 60. The song has become a huge hit on Sirius/XM and is still in regular rotation to this day! The Mulch Brothers are one of the only unsigned artists receiving airplay on any of Sirius's Country music stations.

For the Summer of 2009 the Mulch Brothers launched their first full-fledged tour of the U.S. called the "Everybody Loves Summertime Tour 2009." The tour brought the brothers to 15 different states throughout the U.S. and included opening slots with Craig Morgan at the NASCAR Bristol 500 and Eric Church at the NASCAR Charlotte 500 as well as headlining Aquapalooza in Wrightsville Beach, NC and private shows for Jack Daniel's. These were just a few of the many highlights of the tour which took them to places like Key West, FL; Myrtle Beach, SC; Gulf Shores, AL, Put-In-Bay, OH, Chicago, IL and even New York City!


The Mulch Brothers are gearing up for the "Everybody Loves Summertime Tour 2010" with plans for a new CD, music video and the release of their first single on Savannah Records - "Everybody Loves Summertime!"


The Mulch Brothers are managed by Marie Pizano of UROC Management, LLC.Contact Marie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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