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Voyage-Air Guitar

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Cristian Castro

For many artists and bands, Cristian Castro is considered to have a bright future in the music scene. Working with Mario Sebastian for over 2 years has opened up new doors for himself as a musician. Thanks to Mario, Cristian got to tour the US in 2010 with 'Marc Anthony' when he released 'Iconos'. Has worked with Grammy Nominee artists such as Alih Jey, David Pabon and Colombian band Momposonica and is the go to guy for many artists like Anthony Fedorov, Jan Rodriguez, St. David, etc.Christian Castro & his Voyage-Air Guitar
YouTube - Facebok
  • Cristian w/Anthony Fedorov-I

  • Cristian w/Anthony Fedorov-II

Thanks Christian for the videos. He is currently playing with Ariana & the Rose on the "Camplified Tour", nice setting guys!
  • w/Ariana - Camplified Tour 1

  • w/Ariana - Camplified Tour 2