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Rusty Anderson

Rusty Anderson, Paul McCartney Guitarist plays a Voyage-Air

Rusty Anderson: Lead guitar for the Paul McCartney Band, Rusty Anderson is a name you may not know, but you’ve definitely heard his music before. In concert and on recordings, Rusty Anderson has supplied guitar pyrotechnics for everyone from Regina Spektor to Elton John, Willie Nelson to Gwen Stefani. Most notably, he has been Paul McCartney’s right-hand man for the last nine years both in the studio and on a number of record-breaking world tours. During Paul McCartney’s ‘Good Evening Europe’ tour in December, 2009, Rusty played his Voyage-Air guitar ONSTAGE for every single concert of the tour.

In these videos Rusty plays his Custom Voyage-Air on "Give Peace a Chance" during the McCartney Tour.

  • Rusty Anderson I

  • Rusty Anderson II

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