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Danny Flowers, Dave Gibson, John Oates, Gary Hannan at Indigo
Voyage-Air Guitar and Hotel Indigo, Nashville, support songwriters at Virginia Cannon’s TUESDAY NIGHTS LIVE!

As they say…….”It All Begins with a Song”……..from the unknown songwriter, trying to make it, to the #1 hitmakers.

I’ve had the privilege of hosting a songwriter night in the lounge at the Hotel Indigo for nearly three years now.  Each Tuesday night brings surprise and awe as the songwriters file in to try out their latest song or share their biggest hits.

Songwriters come from all points of the world including Australia, Denmark, England, and various areas of the US.  As Music City attracts these artists, Voyage-Air sets out to expose them to the genius of traveling with a Voyage-Air Guitar.

Booked weeks in advance, it’s always a treat to hear the diversity amongst the songwriters.  Rock N Roll, Country, even Gospel has graced this songwriter night at the Indigo.

A few weeks ago, in December, I had the pleasure of hosting some of the best songwriters in the country.  Our first round was Dave Gibson of the legendary Gibson/Miller Band and the writer of 6 #1 hits. Gary Hannan joined him, singing several of his #1 hits and also a song that he wrote about Voyage-Air!
Jim Mayer, Nolan Neal and Mike Younger at Hotel IndigoThe second round was Jimmy Buffet’s long time guitar player and hit songwriter, Jim Mayer. He was joined by NYC transplant, Mike Younger and Nashville’s own, Nolan Neal.

Meanwhile, up in the Penthouse Suite, offered so generously by the Hotel Indigo, was John Oates and Danny Flowers relaxing with their Voyage-Air Guitars and getting ready for the much anticipated third round of the evening. They wowed the Indigo Lounge with their songs and featured guest spots by Johnny Garcia, Daphne Willis and superstar Paris Delane.  Check out these videos below of their performances.

Every Tuesday night is a treat and the cool thing is that you never know who will show up!

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