Bruise Cruise

Hello Voyage-Air Guitar fans,

I recently sent a Voyage-Air Guitar on a cruise, and here’s what the VAD-2 acoustic guitar itself had to say about the trip:

“Recently, I went on the Bruise Cruise, courtesy of my Voyage-Air Guitar family. This cruise was host to bands such as The Black Lips, The Vivien Girls, and Turbo Fruits. I, obviously, had quite an adventure. There were mosh pits and body surfing involved. Yikes! Think… tatted up, 20 something, rockers on a boat, floating around the Caribbean with no where to go but the bar and listening to music LOUD. Visualize tattooed arms playing me loudly and throwing back shots.

“Luckily, I was under the constant care of Cheyenne. She made sure that I was well protected. I far more enjoyed the travel aspect of this trip, hanging out in the cabin on the ship being played by these young artists, going to the Bahamas, or just laying around on Miami Beach.

“I did get some down time too, as witnessed in the photographs of me lying by the pool or even cuddled in the arms of a cruiser, as he slept, (or shall I say, passed out?). That was ackward.

“Check out the photo album on Voyage-Air’s Facebook page.  CLICK HERE! Don’t forget to “Like” Us.

“I’ve been on a music cruise before. Last year, I was lucky enough to go on the Delbert McClinton Blues Cruise. Blues is quite a bit different than Bruise! But it was music and drinking, all the same.

“Of course, the age group was quite drastically different… I don’t think that the Blues Cruisers went home with quite as many bruises! But headaches, for sure! Did I mention that Delbert is a Voyage-Air Guitar player and quite a fan of ours?

“Danny Flowers (Livin On Tulsa Time) was also on the cruise, sporting his own Voyage-Air guitar. Quite the perfect six stringed companion for such a trip, if I do say so myself!

“To see Cheyenne’s blog and read more about this trip, check out: Don’t forget to “Follow” her there and sign up for a free guitar.

“See ya soon as the Adventures continue!”


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