On-stage with Bob Seger

I recently went down to a ‘pre-performance’ sound check to take a guitar to Jim “Moose” Brown. He’s a long time guitar player with Bob Seger, and in fact he and Bob were playing that night at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. I walked in with the Voyage-Air Guitar, and Jim immediately took me to meet Charley, his guitar tech. I took the guitar out of the backpack, unfolded it and handed it to Jim. Charley looked at us both like we were crazy.   But then Jim started playing it - and Charley blurted out “Let me have that.” He plugged it into some sort of headset that he uses to tune the guitars before they go out on stage. In a moment, Charley’s response was “Damn, Jim, this guitar sounds better than the one you’ve been playing on stage.” Seriously, check out the testimonial from the tech (it's in the video).

Jim then took me up on stage to see the set in an empty arena. I had taken my VAOM-1C down to see how they liked it - and it was obviously a hit. So I got some footage of Jim telling our COO, Adrian Bagale, that this is the exact guitar that he wants. That was funny! Then as Jim and Charley fooled around on the stage, I got some video footage and photographs, check it out (over on the right). It was kind of surreal being up on stage with all the instruments laid out, big percussion drums, a drum kit, horns galore. And in an empty stadium, I could only imagine what it must feel like to be up there, with all the lights and the full band, looking at the fans.

That night, with a sold out show at the Bridgestone Arena, Jim folded the guitar on stage twice!   It was so dark on stage that I could not capture Jim folding the guitar, but here’s a video where you can see him playing it with Bob.

It was an amazing show, and Jim clearly loves the Voyage-Air Guitar. He’ll be playing it and folding it on stage throughout the rest of the tour. Check back for YouTube footage that’s sure to show up.

Bob Seger’s show is a must see. Check the tour schedule for a show near you! (http://www.bobsegertour.com/)



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