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Can you say exhausted?  It was a wild week in California!  I’m sure that you’ve all heard the news by now that Richie Sambora bought 100 guitars, 50 destined for Iraq, and 50 to Afghanistan, and gave 7 of them away to lucky winners who were able to be at Camp Pendleton.

 A culmination of months and months of work, we finally were able to see the final chapter.  Two years ago, I met Joel Roman, who subsequently introduced me to Richie Sambora.  Within about 20 minutes, Richie had made the decision to buy 100 guitars to give away to active military.

 It was a brilliant and generous idea, and one that he felt strongly about.  The Richie Sambora Special Military Edition Voyage-Air Guitar was personally signed and numbered by Richie.

 The event at Camp Pendleton was amazing!  A whole day planned for the troops and their families at Camp Pendleton, it included a beach party, activities for the kids, a motor cross exhibition and live music all day.  I was completely freaked out by the motor cross guys, doing stunts that literally made me sick to my stomach.  I later got a chance to meet them and HAD to buy a T-shirt, which I had them sign while I was wearing it!  Bet they never had that request before!  Ha!
Richie went out on stage, and played a few of his hits with his very own Voyage-Air Guitar before he announced the lucky winners.

We were summoned to the back stage press area to watch Richie giving the guitars away and taking pictures with the troops.  We got to personally meet each deserving marine that received a guitar.  The Marines were grateful and over-the-top excited about getting to meet Richie, and then he personally signed the top of the guitar for each winning marine.

It was an amazing afternoon with a very kind and gracious man.  I am so proud to be associated with this project.  More news soon!

Jeff Cohen, Richie Sambora, Michael Ferrucci, and Me


Getting signed while I was wearing the shirt!


Richie Sambora poses with some of the lucky winners of the Special-Edition Voyage-Air guitars.

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