Voyage-Air Guitar, LA and Beyond…

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So, can we say whirlwind anyone? What a wild ride it’s been – planes, trains and automobiles. Well, actually… planes, taxis, and hotels!   Let’s just review, if I can remember them all: Taylor Swift, Tilky and the Brigade, The Script, Marc Anthony and Marc Anthony (yes that’s right, for me it was double duty). 

First off, watching Taylor Swift from “The Pit” was amazing. The pit is exactly what it sounds like – a pit in front of the stage.   This show was in San Jose, California and talk about a big show! It was at HP Pavilion in front of 20,000 people! Another sold out show!   An old friend was kind enough to give us pit passes, as well as meet-and-greet passes.   It was fun to watch all the kids back there, some of them crying! It was an amazing show, a combination of a Broadway musical and Cirque de Soleil. Taylor had floating bridges and aerial dancers. It was an incredible production.   She was charismatic and so engaging with the audience. Taylor Swift is truly a pro at the tender age of 21.

The next show was Tilky and The Brigade. Years ago, Tilky Jones was in the boy band “Take Five”, and has since been acting. Recently, he formed this new band with his mates, Steve Douglas and Scott Corbin de Baschemin. Tilky can be seen on Queen Latifa’s VH1 show “Single Ladies” and also in the HBO series “Pretty Little Liars.” He’s getting back to his musical roots with this band, and they had a showcase in Studio City where Scott played the Voyage-Air BelAir electric guitar. It was pretty awesome! Steve played drums and being the son of the legendary drummer for Toots and the Maytal, he rocked the room. I’ve never seen anything like it AND he did it with a broken finger! His drum solo was unbelievable.

Next, I traveled to Oakland to meet up with The Script. These lads from Dublin are refreshingly real, and I can say that I truly enjoyed spending time with them. They are now equipped with a BelAir electric and a VAOM-1C Mahogany acoustic cutaway. Their guitar tech Colin was a little freaked out by the idea of a ‘folding guitar’ - until he got a chance to play around with the guitars. Lead guitar player Mark Sheehan played it during sound check and was blown away. I’ll be seeing them for their show in NYC in a few weeks and fully expect to see the Voyage-Air Guitar on stage. It was another meet-and-greet opportunity for the boss’s kids and their friends. You can see from the pictures that a good time was had by all.

The most bizarre thing occurred in my hotel lobby when I was approached by a fellow inquiring about what was in my back pack. It turns out that it was Angel Fernandez, the band leader for Marc Anthony! I couldn’t have been more pleased! He set up a meeting for me to show the guitars to the rest of the crew and it was a match made in heaven! It was definitely love at first site for the guys and our guitars! Mario Sebastian, Marc Anthony’s lead guitar player, ended up playing the Voyage-Air BelAir on stage at their show that very night!

So we dashed from The Script’s show at the Fox Theatre, to the Oakland Coliseum for the Marc Anthony show. We were literally jumping up and down when he broke out the BelAir guitar on stage! These are the nicest guys on the planet and we ended up hanging out with them back at the hotel afterwards. Long story short, they invited me to LA for their show at Universal Arena, where Mario again played the BelAir on stage. The front row was jam packed with celebrities including David and Victoria Beckham. All in all it was an amazing trip. Whew! I can’t wait to get home!


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