Cremona: "Winewood"

(VG) Cremona Model with Venetian cutaway – "Winewood" (redwood from wine vat) top, figured walnut back and sides, bloodwood and abalone rosette, rosewood pickguard, VG option, 1 7/8" nut, 12 fret/24.75 scale.

Notes: Winewood is a name I created to separate this salvaged redwood from other famous finds such as the Carter stash, LS or "Lucky Strike" and the "Sinker" redwood. Winewood came from the Sebastiani Winery where it was used as wine vats from about 1918 to 1972. A classic "old growth" redwood with a very unique color and smell. Sonically it is exceptional as well, some have said it has "vintage and "intoxicating" properties...

Probably my favorite wood combination is redwood and walnut, something about the fact that they grow so near to each other and complement each other so nicely visually and sonically.
New Price -$10,500.00
Winewood Walnut winewood walnut winewood walnut

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