A Letter From Voyage-Air CEO Jeff Cohen

A big thank you to all of the many fans of Voyage-Air Guitar! Your comments and well wishes are much appreciated. Our email boxes are stuffed with mail from people that want to either buy a guitar, invest in the company, or just tell us how cool our guitar really is.

Thank you also to the producers of Shark Tank! It is not an easy thing to edit a one hour negotiation between me and the Sharks into just a few minutes of airtime. One point I'd like to clarify about the show was the actual deal on the table. For $1 million, I was offering the Sharks a 49% stake in a new company, not Voyage-Air Guitar. The new company would license the technology to build Voyage-Air type guitars to other guitar manufacturers. Voyage-Air Guitar would continue to build its brand and build and sell guitars just the way it does today! The nuances of this deal were a bit much for the producers to work into our short segment. But, the Sharks and I knew exactly what was on the table!

We accomplished our goal of demonstrating the benefits of the Voyage-Air Guitar to millions of people and we are getting an overwhelming response! If you like the idea of having a guitar that folds in half, fits in a backpack and can be carried everywhere you go, then I hope you'll consider buying one for yourself.

Best regards,