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Voyage-Air Guitar is very proud of the continually growing roster of talent who owns our guitars. Browse through the various artists, writers and clinicians who have made Voyage-Air their go to guitar for travel.

AJ, Voyage-Air - on tour with Pop-Symphony Orchestras

AJ Swearingen(R) with his Voyage-Air, Jonathon Beedle (L) 'Simon & Garfunkel Retrospective'with Philly Pops

A few years ago I started using Voyage-Air guitars on tour with Pop-Symphony Orchestras.
Our show is touring Nationally and Internationally with Pop’s conductor, Michael Krajewski.
It’s been a true honor to perform center stage with the Philly Pops, The Cleveland Orchestra, Atlanta, Houston, Toronto, Edmonton and many others.  It’s also a true testament to the sound of my Voyage-Air considering the quality, price and sound of these orchestral instruments on stage.

The Voyage-Air guitar is also my main instrument for performing with my original music partner Jayne Kelli. Our songwriting duo,“Swearingen & Kelli”, is touring venues and opera houses across the US. Below includes our song “Realize”, performed with my Voyage-Air.

Our conductor -

AJ Swearingen(R) with his Voyage-Air, Jonathon Beedle (L) 'Simon & Garfunkel Retrospective'with Philly Pops conductor Michael Krajewski (Center)

More about AJ Swearingen

Sarah Lenore: Video Debut

The latest signing to one of the music industry’s most successful independent empires, Sarah officially joins the Cash Money YMCMB team with an extensivedeal that also includes publishing, making her one of the first ever female pop recording artists to be signed to the label.

The Florida based chanteuse, originally from Detroit, first captured audience’s attention in 2008 when she appeared on NBC’s hit television show America’s Got Talent. Sarah’s bubbly personality and vocal capability proved her to be a favorite amongst the show’s millions of viewers and ultimately advanced her to the Live Performance Rounds. Since the show, Sarah has focused on her songwriting skills, writing and recording in Nashville, Los Angeles and Miami. Not limited to one genre, she has collaborated with renowned musicians and songwriters from different latitudes and perspectives, which have helped her create and develop her own style, not only in songwriting, but also in her musicalproduction and sound.

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Brian Corn: QUOR

QUORFrom the words of Corn,

"That guitar, I have lovingly named Berlin, is my new best buddy. Traveled through four countries on four airlines and six flights as a carry on; Walked, train'd, metro'd, and cab'd many miles through unfamiliar cities. And, Berlin sounded amazing at every set. A metal man and his folding acoustic bridging genre's with folk edge."

The guitar worked awesome and it made it home without a scratch.  I shared the "amazing folding guitar" with a pile of folks. Europe is a great for Voyage Air. You see many people with guitars walking around and boarding all types of transit. Its not so easy as driving up to your venue and playing over there. I have attached a great panoramic of a gig I did at "The Galway" in Paris. The weather was hot over there and no one has A/C so it was an amazing set considering the entire inside of the venue was completely full and as I played people filled the tables and sidewalk outside the venue.

We started tracking an acoustic version of an upcoming release "Human Paradigm". I'm using the VAMD-04 ("Berlin") along with my full sized for both lead and rhythm tracks. The engineer was surprised how well it tracks and blends. It has added a lot of depth and clarity.
I will have the guitar in the live arsenal on Oct. 12th for a supporting set with Former top 3 American Idol finalist Elliott Yamin. (It still amazes me that we can pull off a "metal" set acoustically with acts that the true nature of the music would not normally comingle.) We just did a supporting set with the country artist Mark Wills for example.
I love this guitar and its design and have shared it around the globe. I am happy to support Voyage Air, thanks for the endorsement and great customer service.


 Brian-Corn-VAMD-04 London Brian-Corn-at-The-Railway-Tavern-London

Vanessa Winter

 Vanessa’s sweet country sound hails from her southern roots in Memphis, TN where she spent most of her childhood listening to musical greats like Elvis Presley, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey. True to her southern upbringing, she wrote her first song, a gospel song, and what she calls her ‘first structured song’ titled Lift You Up, at the early age of 8.

Her own story is inspiring to hear. She grew up poor, making her own way at 18 years old on a cold Christmas night. Once you meet her you come to love her for the genuine, honest and confident woman she aims to be. Vanessa knows… she is no better than anyone else. She just has a dream. A love for the soul of country music.

Inspiration flows for Vanessa. Coupled with growing up poor, she is a mother of not one, not two, but of four children, whom she proudly beams as her ‘love spawns’ with her husband of 10 years. Every song she writes is inspired by her own life. Each one showcases her vocal gift and unique songwriting talent. Lyrics from Sticks and Stones, ‘Go ahead and throw your sticks and stones, you’re gonna be mad when they don’t tear me down, break my bones’ gives us a window into what she’s already been through on a personal level. In Dreams she sings, ‘I just want to know, do I have just what I need, to follow my dreams…’and is written in effort to pour out her heart felt need and desire to find her place in Country Music.

Talk to her in person and you will find yourself a driven, beautiful, and gifted friend. More driven out of any other to make her mark… she is unstoppable, unforgettable, with everything to gain and nothing to lose!


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Parrot Head, Anyone?

Jiimmy Buffet checks out the Voyage-Air Guitar as CEO Jeff Cohen looks onJimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band kicked off their summer tour on April 26th, appropriately in Nashville, Tennessee. Home to several of the band members including two Voyage-Air Guitar endorsers, the show at Bridgestone Arena was sold out and was a crazy maze of coconut bras and parrot hats. Oddly enough, it's mostly men that wear the coconut bras, a frightening site, indeed!

I was always a Jimmy Buffett fan (although I never donned the bra OR the hat!), My daughter thought that I wrote Margaritaville when she was 11 and I began to recite it to her in the hospital waiting room after she tripped on a pop top. I let her believe that for a few years, I must admit.

Jimmy's first encounter with Voyage-Air was at Bonnaroo Music Festival a few years ago. I was actually trying to get this job, and having known Jimmy through mutual friends, I was able to introduce him to the company guys that attended that year. Jimmy was blown away by our guitar. He first strummed it in the open position and was really digging it. Then when I folded it and he saw the back pack he quickly called his entourage of 20 some odd people over to check it out. He now keeps a Voyage-Air Guitar on his yaught on St. Barths.

I was delighted to meet the Mayer Brothers. Peter and Jim have been with Jimmy for over 23 years. The lead guitar player and bassist, respectively, it was Jim that I met first. Although he plays bass on stage with the band, he needed an acoustic for travel, writing and his very popular side project called Uncle Jim Rocks! With 20 nieces and nephews, Jim saw the prevalence of bullying and began this program for anti-bullying. His songs bring much joy to the kids and I have to say, much humor to the parents. My favorite, "Funky as a Diaper", is quite a catchy tune and an award winner. It's embarrassing to say that I found myself unable to get this song out of my head. It's just one of those.

Peter came along a bit later and being an electric player, decided to take on our electric BelAir guitar in TV yellow. Actually, he's our first electric endorser since the electrics came out a few years after the acoustics. Peter also has a side project that tours when he's off the road with Buffett. Taking along several of his Buffett band mates, he does many charitable events throughout the year. Interestingly enough, Peter and Jim play "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere" on stage with Jimmy at every show, which is a song penned by another Voyage-Air Guitar endorser, Jim "Moose" Brown. The boys had never met each other, so it was fun to have them all up in the Penthouse Suite at the Hotel Indigo and watch them perform together for my Tuesday Nights Live! event.

Much fun was had seeing Peter play our guitar on stage with not only Jimmy Buffett but the legendary Mac McAnally. What an honor to have our guitar on stage with such massive talent!

Keep an eye out for Jimmy and the boys at a show near you, here's the tour schedule,
Also check out their personal project sites at, &

  • Peter Mayer talks about the BelAir

  • Fins: San Jose, CA Show

  • Peter & Jim Mayer with Jim Moose Brown Play "5 O clock Somewhere"




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