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Voyage-Air Guitar is very proud of the continually growing roster of talent who owns our guitars. Browse through the various artists, writers and clinicians who have made Voyage-Air their go to guitar for travel.

Damien Horne

He became a member of the MuzikMafia in 2001, and recorded his first full length album "Somebody's Hero" in 2008 under the direction and production of Big Kenny of Big & Rich. When asked about the project, Big Kenny said "I have never met a more important artist for our times, completely real, unique, deserving and uplifting. I cannot stop until the world hears his music. He writes, he sings , he plays piano and guitar, he dances like 'the man' and you know it when he backflips off the stage in a way that would make James Brown proud." Horne signed a publishing deal with Big Love Music in 2007. Damien Horne lo

He has made appearances on One Cubed, The 700 Club, and Legends & Lyrics, as well as appeared in Rolling Stone and on the cover of Lifeway Christian Singles magazine.

In 2006, he and Keith Urban put together and directed a children's choir during the 2006 CMT awards show in tribute to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In 2007, he made a trip along with fellow MuzikMafia member Big Kenny to Akon Sudan to bring medical and school supplies, along with musical instruments, clothing and building tools to the Kunyuk School for Girls.

In 2008, he appeared on Extreme Makeover Home Edition working along side the crew and people of Charlotte North Carolina to help build a house for the King family. In addition, he performed a benefit concert with his band to raise money for the family. Later in 2008, he walked 300 miles with Emmanuel "Manny" Ohonme performing nightly at each stop for the Samaritan's Feet organization to raise one million pairs of shoes for children. He also wrote and recorded the theme song for the organization produced and arranged by his keyboardist Chris Mendoza.

In 2009, he and Big Kenny hosted "Nashville 4 Africa", with Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, and Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down. A benefit concert to raise money for charitable causes in Uganda and Sudan.

Horne's song "She Can Play" is the theme song for the ACC. Horne has also worked Singer-Songwriter John Legend. When asked about up and coming artists we should look out for, John said: "I've been working with this guy who is based in Nashville, his name is Damien Horne, he's good. Look out for him, he's a good song-writer and performer. He plays the guitar too."

In 2011, Horne founded The Farm with Krista Marie and Nick Hoffman.

John Bohlinger

Featured in the November 2012 Issue click here.

John Bohlinger @ Blue Lagoon in Iceland with his blue TelAirBest known as the band leader for 6 seasons of NBC's hit program Nashville Star and music director for the "CMT Music Awards" 2009,2010, 2011, 2012. John originally moved to Nashville to pursue a song-writing career but soon found guitar playing a more stable means of feeding his family. John became the consummate Nashville sideman; he has accompanied over fifty major label artist throughout his tenure in Nashville including Miranda Lambert, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Little Big Town, Joe Walsh, The Commodores, Luke Bryant, Bret Michaels of Poison, Sara Evans, LeAnn Rimes, Hank Williams Jr, Kenny Rogers, Justin Hayward (of The Moody Blues), Tanya Tucker, Lamont Dozier, The Beach Boys, Randy Owen of Alabama, and many others. A versatile multi instrumentalist, John has recorded master sessions on electric and acoustic guitars, bass, pedal steel and mandolin.

The Songwriter: Hundreds of John's musical compositions play continuously on television. John's songs have also been recorded by major and independent label artists. See more on his web site, click here.

  • Checking out the TelAir

  • With Danny Flowers pickin

Bonnaroo 2012

Bonnaroo Music Festival happens once a year in Tennessee and Voyage-Air Guitar was there in full force.

Our Street Team of Molly Kummerle, Michael Rohr and our own Director of Artist Relations, Virginia Cannon were all out capturing the best of the festival. Voyage-Air Guitars were on hand at the legendary Danny Clinch's Tent. Check him out at for the latest photographs of Bonnaroo Artists.

Enjoy the photographs and check back in soon for more updates...

The Danny Clinch Tent
Hanging out...
What is "Home on the Road"?

"Home on the Road” is a revealing documentary project, set on the streets of America, showing the passionate, inspiring, and sometimes, painful journey of a musician determined to realize his dreams. The project was created by Joshua Smith, an L.A. based vocalist, musician, songwriter, activist and humanitarian. Receiving news of a life changing opportunity, Joshua has set out to travel across the country, from Los Angeles to New York City, with only his music and the fire in his heart to show that human ingenuity knows no bounds, and through this experience he might uncover the true nature of life on the American streets.

This Documentary is a co-production of True Source Entertainment ( and Apocalypse Pictures (

STORYLINE:   Joshua knows the struggles of being an artist in the US. Not many people are successful at carving a path for themselves in the entertainment industry. But there’s more than fame and fortune to strive for in Joshua’s path.

As a humanitarian and a philanthropist, Joshua has utilized his music, talents and abilities to benefit many people in need through partnerships with various non-profit organizations. Giving back has always been important for him, so now Joshua is taking on a new challenge for himself. With only a guitar and a sleeping bag, he’s hitting the streets of the US to show that through passion, anything is possible.

Receiving news of a career making opportunity in NYC, Joshua knows he has limited time to get there before this chance will pass him by. He’s decided to travel from Los Angeles to New York using only his music to get from one place to the next. A camera crew will accompany him to show what it can really be like as an artist to try and make your voice heard and successfully make it where you are trying to go.

This isn’t a story about struggle, this is a story about success. And he’s committed to do anything – even live homeless if need be, as he and many like him have done before. This is a story of hope and determination.

When we arrive with Joshua in NY, the opportunity is waiting for him, but also something much deeper than that; a connection with an audience that has followed him along the way. He'll have discovered a real gift: the gift of community.
Home On The Road
THE IMPACT:  This story is an attractive wake up call for our global community.  We’re going to start to see the breakdowns in the system that supports those who must live on the streets.  We’re going to be exposed to the power of choice.

Joshua is making the choice to tell this story for a greater cause.  There is something we can all choose to do with our own aptitudes and abilities that can create massive social impact.  We will show in this story and outreach programs to follow, what is possible for creating a difference with our community as a whole.

The soundtrack of the Documentary is full of the music of a record also titled, "Home on the Road". This record features some of Joshua's most personal music to date.

The title track "Home on the Road", was written drawing from the emotional impact that living a life committed to benefitting others and utilizing his talents for the empowerment of others has given him.  The entire album spans the journey of the last 5 years in Los Angeles, pursuing a career in the arts, having given his heart and lifestyle to this goal.

"Home on the Road", the album, will be available for sale before the Documentary goes into distribution.  Proceeds from the sales of this album go toward the non-profits and shelters that benefit from the Documentary and Outreach program.

In some of the cities that Joshua visits on throughout the course of the Documentary, we will revisit and establish programs that will benefit the shelters and non-profits in those communities we will meet.  This is a chance for the people to get involved, and the only way that this project can ultimately have any impact.  The Outreach program depends on our audience.

They will have the opportunity to join a campaign in a city of their choosing, create a profile, and share this campaign with your friends and followers on all social media networks.  Spreading the word about the campaign is the most important thing you can do!

What can you do? Spreading the word about the campaign is the most important thing you can do!  With your community, you can support us by raising money and planning a day-long event.  The activities of that day can include feeding the homeless, rebuilding a shelter, working with a non-profit like the Red Cross or United Way to give medical help, starting project based programs in your local public school system, or starting a project to build people new homes!  These are only examples of what can be accomplished in your communities -- the opportunities are endless.  At the end of the event, you get a free concert that will showcase local talent and Joshua with his band, all created and inspired by you.

Watch the Teaser:  We've recorded a trailer for you to see how this project can look.  This is only a preview, the documentary still needs to be filmed, and distributed.
You can watch by clicking on the video below.

Read more about the Home On The Road Project click here

There are many opportunities to help us spread the word about this documentary, to help us gain funds necessary, opportunities for investment and sponsorship...  Contact Us to find out more and recieve our sponsorship package or any other materials you may insterested in.  

True Source Entertainment
323 218 0968
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


"LISTEN" lyrics and music by Joshua Smith, Deron Johnson, and Andrea Remanda. Performances by Joshua Smith and Deron Johnson.  Feb 2012. Artist: Joshua

"Demos" all lyrics by Joshua Smith, music written and arranged by Joshua Smith and Stevie Riolo.  Performed by Joshua Smith.  Produced by Alex Elena and Josh Smith.  Available on iTunes. Artist: Josh Smith

"EP:1" all lyrics by Joshua Smith, music written and arranged by Joshua Smith and Stevie Riolo.  Performances by Joshua Smith, Stevie Riolo, Roberto Cerletti, and Jonny Morrow. FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. Artist: Josh Smith

"Ice the Symphony" lyrics by Joshua Smith, music written by Joshua Smith and Stevie Riolo. Performances by Stereofox [Joshua Smith, Stevie Riolo, Roberto Cerletti, Harshal Davda], Deron Johnson, Gary Novak, and Gabe Noel. Produced and arranged by Joshua Smith, Stevie Riolo, and Deron Johnson (soul, pop, independent) 2009 Artist: Stereofox

Music Samples
Listen to and purchase Joshua's "LISTEN" EP at

To hear more music, and find out more about Josh's full catalog and demos, contact True Source Entertainment at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 323 218 0968.

Credits & References

Joshua has shared the stage with many greats such as PRINCE, Anna Nalick (hit song, "Breathe(2am)"), The Tokens (“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”), Sam Bradley (featured in Twilight sountrack), Deron Johnson (Miles Davis, Seal, Alanis Morissette, Stanley Clark), Gary Novak (Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworth, Robben Ford), Chris Pierce (KCRW, BB King), The Northstar Session (NBC's Parenthood), Lelia Broussard (featured Rolling Stone top 8 indie artist for cover).

You can hear Joshua on the October 26, 2011 Episode of "The Young and The Restless" (CBS) singing "Our Time Has Come" by David Kurtz.  Josh can also be heard playing guitars on Ariana Grande's debut album on the song, "Opposites Attract".

He is also working with songwriters, Jeff Silbar (Grammy for Song of the Year for "The Wind Beneath My Wings" Bette Midler, triple platinum selling "China Girl" John Cougar Mellencamp, quadruple platinum “Goodnight Sleeptight Man” Kenny Rogers, #1 single for Alabama, and many others including Sheena Easton, Gladys Knight, Dolly Parton, Poco, Willie Nelson), Andrea Remanda (Jewel, Mary J Blige, Aretha Franklin, Cheryl Cole, Bryan Adams, Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones, Brian McFadden, Meatloaf), Andreao "Fanatic" Heard (Grammy winning "Speechless" Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Notorious B.I.G., Will Smith, Lil Kim).


“Smith’s sultry and quivering voice is sure to seduce and impress.”

“I first found out about this band at Green Door’s Jazz night back in September.  Prince had just jumped in on their set. This album will take us to the next level of soul!”  -Signature Los Angeles Magazine

“Decked in slacks, T-shirt, scarf and a knit cap smushing his curly locks, Josh Smith warmed up his voice and cooled down the crowd.  There’s no denying the passion he poured into this number.”

“We were elated with not only his confident presence but his vocal ability and matchless control which defy comparison: He seemed to know instinctively to move away from the mic and yet get the notes across needed to express the emotion Smith shows significant Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke influences with perhaps some Joe Cocker thrown in for good measure without being restrained as a “cover” musician.”  -Pasadena Independent

He also been a cover story feature for Pasadena Scene Magazine.

Images from Home On The Road


Mumford & Sons - Voyage-Air!

It’s been a long journey since I first discovered Mumford and Sons at Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2010.  Apparently, I was late on the scene for this dynamic group, they had one of the largest crowds gathered at the Festival that year, and I wasn’t even sure who they were.  Well, it didn’t take long to see why they rose to popularity so quickly, their guitar driven show is one of the most musically pleasing shows that I’ve seen in a long time.

I began to follow their sky-rocketing career and made it my mission to turn them on to Voyage-Air Guitar.  They appeared again in 2011 at Bonnaroo and this time, I was ready.  I called in a few favors from my friends at Sony/BMG and was given a personal introduction to Marcus Mumford and Ted Dwane, the two guitar players of the group.  They checked out the guitar with much intrigue.  Later that day, they sent their guitar tech, Adam and the drum tech, Ivan, in to check out the guitars.  Adam really loved it and the guys posed with it just for fun.  Adam said that the guys would love to travel with our guitar and he promptly gave me his contact information to try to facilitate that.

Being from England, and combined with their heavy touring schedule, it was a bit difficult to meet up with them again.  A few weeks ago, they played three sold out shows at Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium.   I was able to go to the last one and meet with the guys.   During sound check, I chatted with Adam again he was very excited that I would be leaving a guitar with them.  Ted, of course, came out to claim it and had a great time goofing around with the keyboard player, Ben.  See the video for a few laughs.

Watching the show from side stage, I had the best seat in the house.  Big Kenny from Big and Rich was next to me, and guitar icon, Jerry Douglas appeared to sit in for a few songs.

Combine their passion, energy and sheer talent; it’s the perfect storm of the music world.   Their ability to appeal to not only a younger age demographic but to listeners of all kind, including other musicians, is a testament to their talent.

Mumford & Sons members check out the Voyage-Air backstage before the show at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville


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