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Voyage-Air Guitar is very proud of the continually growing roster of talent who owns our guitars. Browse through the various artists, writers and clinicians who have made Voyage-Air their go to guitar for travel.

Bollywood and Beyond

Virginia-and-Ravi-at-the-closing-GalaLast weekend I attended the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles. Accompanied by our star endorser, Ravi, we made friends and rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in Bollywood. Bollywood is like Hollywood except that, as I understand it, it includes the music industry as well as the film industry.

Ravi was the perfect companion as his Indian heritage served us well to get in the door with some very important Bollywood players. His great uncle Jawaharlal Nehru (his grandmother's brother) was the first prime minister of India.  Nehru’s daughter Indira Gandhi was also prime minister (Ravi’s father's 1st cousin) and her son Rajiv Gandhi (Ravi’s 2nd cousin) was the next prime minister.

We first met Ravi when we were approached by his manager concerning his interest in Voyage-Air Guitar. Ravi is a founding member of the Flying Musician’s Association and is an endorser for all things Aviation. They call him the RAviator, which suits him well.

So, as we filed into the theatre for the first panel discussion, Ravi was busy shaking hands and introducing us to people.   Gulshan Grover ended up sitting next to me and if I’m not mistaken, was flirting with me! Although, perhaps he flirts with everyone since he’s a movie star. Gulshan Grover has more fans in India than we have people living in the United States, if you can imagine that!

The second panel discussion was Indian Film makers talking about what goes into making a low budget film. These film makers have won awards at the Cannes Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival and one of them won Best of Show in the Indian Film Festival. His name is Vikramaditya Motwane. Try to say that three times fast! As we got to know him through out the festival, he became Vikram to us. An amazing and humble guy, his film called “UDAAN” deservedly won Best in Show at the closing gala Sunday night. This movie is a must see! It’s available on net flicks and I encourage you all to see it.

The weekend culminated with a walk down the red carpet, interviews with the filmmakers and stars and a screening of the Disney movie “Zokkomon”.   Awards were handed out and speeches ensued. The Gala after the screening was held at a club around the corner from the theatre.   Tables with Indian Food and treats were scattered through out the club and the disco floor was in full motion as we left.

For more information about Ravi, please visit and to get more information about Ravi’s efforts to provide education for the children of India, visit

Jeff Cohen, Virginia, Gulshan and Ravi on Red Carpet

Jeff Cohen, Virginia, Gulshan and Ravi on Red Carpet


Actor Anupam Kher with Ravi

Virginia and Gulshan Grover

Virginia and Gulshan Grover


Gulshan Grover on the Red Carpet


Indian Film Fest Red Carpet


Virginia and Vikram in front of the UDAAN poster

Kevin Welch

Kevin Welch moved from his home in Oklahoma to Nashville in 1978 to work as a songwriter. Singers like Ricky Skaggs, Waylon Jennings, Patty Loveless, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Don Williams and The Highwaymen among many others were using his material. His popularity grew and in 1988 he signed a record contract with Reprise Records.

In 1990 the album Kevin Welch was recorded and 2 years later Western Beat. In 1994 he co-founded Dead Reckoning Records along with Kieran Kane, Tammy Rogers, Mike Henderson and Harry Stinson. The following year Life Down Here on Earth was published and in 1999 Beneath My Wheels. In 2002 the album Millionaire was recorded partially in Nashville and mostly in Denmark with a stellar line-up of Scandinavian players.

In 2004 Welch teamed up with fellow Dead Reckoning artists Kieran Kane and Fats Kaplin to produce You Can't Save Everybody. The trio followed this up with Lost John Dean in 2006, to general acclaim. Lost John Dean reached number one on the Americana charts, and resulted in nominations for several awards including Duo/Group of the year at the 2006 Americana Honors and Awards. The following eponymous Kane Welch Kaplin, with the addition of Lucas Kane, was also nominated for Duo/Group. The group traveled to Australia 10 times, as well as Europe and the UK, Canada, and all over the United States.

Welch moved to Wimberley, Texas, on 1 April 2008. In 2009, he recorded A Patch Of Blue Sky, his first solo project in 8 years. The recording features Texas musicians as well as his son Dustin, who played banjo and slide guitar, and his daughter Savannah, who appeared with her band the Trishas. He tours the world almost non-stop, though 2010 also saw the beginning of a series of Songwriting Workshops, held on his secluded property in the Hill Country once a month.

Kevin Welch along with 'son' Dustin & Kelley Mickwee performing "Highland Mary"
Kevin Welch performs "Come A Rain" on the Texas Music Scene



Bruise Cruise

Hello Voyage-Air Guitar fans,

I recently sent a Voyage-Air Guitar on a cruise, and here’s what the VAD-2 acoustic guitar itself had to say about the trip:

“Recently, I went on the Bruise Cruise, courtesy of my Voyage-Air Guitar family. This cruise was host to bands such as The Black Lips, The Vivien Girls, and Turbo Fruits. I, obviously, had quite an adventure. There were mosh pits and body surfing involved. Yikes! Think… tatted up, 20 something, rockers on a boat, floating around the Caribbean with no where to go but the bar and listening to music LOUD. Visualize tattooed arms playing me loudly and throwing back shots.

“Luckily, I was under the constant care of Cheyenne. She made sure that I was well protected. I far more enjoyed the travel aspect of this trip, hanging out in the cabin on the ship being played by these young artists, going to the Bahamas, or just laying around on Miami Beach.

“I did get some down time too, as witnessed in the photographs of me lying by the pool or even cuddled in the arms of a cruiser, as he slept, (or shall I say, passed out?). That was ackward.

“Check out the photo album on Voyage-Air’s Facebook page.  CLICK HERE! Don’t forget to “Like” Us.

“I’ve been on a music cruise before. Last year, I was lucky enough to go on the Delbert McClinton Blues Cruise. Blues is quite a bit different than Bruise! But it was music and drinking, all the same.

“Of course, the age group was quite drastically different… I don’t think that the Blues Cruisers went home with quite as many bruises! But headaches, for sure! Did I mention that Delbert is a Voyage-Air Guitar player and quite a fan of ours?

“Danny Flowers (Livin On Tulsa Time) was also on the cruise, sporting his own Voyage-Air guitar. Quite the perfect six stringed companion for such a trip, if I do say so myself!

“To see Cheyenne’s blog and read more about this trip, check out: Don’t forget to “Follow” her there and sign up for a free guitar.

“See ya soon as the Adventures continue!”


A well-traveled Voyage-Air Guitar

Susan Gibson

This past year has been a testament to the long-held assertion that Susan Gibson is a road warrior in the truest sense in addition to being a dedicated singer, songwriter, and performing musician. The CMA award-winning songwriter (the Dixie Chicks took the Gibson-penned "Wide Open Spaces" to the top for four weeks) has been hitting the road consistently over the past 14 years, touring nationally in support of her own brand of Texas-Americana-folk music.

However, 2010 started off as the year where the road unexpectedly hit her back, and in February she suffered a severely broken arm, dislocated elbow, and shattered wrist in a car accident. Doctors estimated she wouldn't be playing guitar until early fall, and her record release plans were put on hold indefinitely. Road warriors don't sit around for too long when their livelihood involves playing music and traveling, however, and Gibson was playing full shows a mere two-and-a-half months after the accident with the help of some physical therapy, fan support, and a lot of determination. The latter half of 2010 made up for lost time with two tours to the northern Rocky Mountain region, a Southeast tour, and her well-worn paths across Texas.

Gibson's 2011 release, Tightrope, is both right at home with and a departure from her previous albums. While the album was recorded before her accident, the mood and tone are fitting of a year spent in reflection. Gibson and producer Gabe Rhodes are the sole musicians on Tightrope, which manages to be beautiful in its sparseness, easily accessible yet full of sophisticated notes for those who take a careful listen. A pencil eraser on a cigar box for percussion, a plucked grand piano string, or a dobro with a neck so warped it isn't a dobro anymore; these elements create an intimate album that only two creative minds sitting in a studio together for days at a time can create.

The songs themselves are tried and true Susan Gibson, whose craftsmanship in songwriting has made her one of the most respected artists in the Texas scene and beyond. Tightrope features co-writers that run the gamut from established songwriters like Michael Hearne, Monica Smart ("Evergreen" and "Never Enough"), and Jana Pochop ("Lovely When You Cry") to first time writers but longtime friends Amy Patton, Michelle Moss, and Marian Brackney ("Hope Diamond"), proving that Gibson draws inspiration from many creative stimuli. From a powerful narrative about a guitar and the lives it touched ("The Wood Wouldn't Burn") to the assertive and fiercely independent title track, Gibson continues to affirm her place on the list of troubadour songwriters who have an innate need to affect the lives of their fellow humans through song.

While the road literally stopped Gibson in her tire tracks last year, it also gave the motivation to heal and is now the means to bring Tightrope to an audience. Gibson plans to debut it in Texas and beyond with a series of Spring album release dates as well as with an official showcase at the 2011 Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis.

Susan Gibson plays her Voyage-Air guitar singing “Wide Open Spaces,” the tune she penned for the Dixie Chicks which jump-started her career.

Mike Bub

Bassist for The Del McCoury Band, Mike began a 13 year association with what was to become, and still is, the most awarded band in Bluegrass Music. He's racked up an unprecedented 9 Entertainer of the Year awards, 5 Bass Player of the Year awards as well as various Album, Instrumental and Song of the Year awards and a Grammy. He's been granted membership to the Grand Ole Opry, as well as a Grammy award for Best Bluegrass Album of 2005. He's now a part of the Nashville 'Super Group' 18 South.

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