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Become a Voyage-Air Dealer

Word is really getting around about “those folding guitars that you can carry with you.” Voyage-Air is growing, and is looking for dedicated, professional dealers who will properly present and sell our instruments. This is your chance to be a part of our success!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Review the Voyage-Air Dealer Requirements. If you’re already an established musical instrument store or guitar dealer, you almost certainly meet the requirements. To become an authorized dealer, you will need to provide a few of the usual things, like a copy of your State Resale Certificate, some pictures of your store, some industry references, etc.
Click here to review the Voyage-Air Dealer Requirements

2. Fill out the online Dealer Inquiry. This is an easy form that you can fill out right here on your computer screen. Be sure to include the name of the store owner (or guitar sales manager), and the best time to reach him/her.  We’ll check the basics of your retail store and then give you a phone call to review and confirm the details.
Click here to fill out the Online Dealer Inquiry Once we’ve had a chance to chat on the phone, you need to give us all the details so we can confirm bank information, references and the usual business stuff. You can print this form and mail it, or submit it via the Internet (faster). If you submit the form via internet we can work out the other details (photos, State Resale forms) via e-mail or FAX.

3. Complete the Dealer Application. Clcik below to download the dealer application. Completely fill it out then you can submit it electronically or print and send it to us snail mail.
Click here for the Dealer Application

Questions?  Need more information? Call us at (800) 371-6478