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Marketing Resources

In today’s changing economy business demands that we shift our approach and thinking about how we do business. Gone are the days of totally depending on customers to walk into your showroom. With the internet and fierce competition, now more than ever is a time to have an up to date web presence. This is your 24/7/365 salesperson which gives your customers the confidence that you do in fact stock these products and they’re readily available for a demonstration. It is not reasonable to expect customers to come to your showroom to ask for a Voyage Air Guitar (or any instrument for that matter) it they don’t even know you carry. Here a few links for you or your webmaster to use. There is a lot of powerful content available here. If you need more information or require assistance feel free to contact us.
Logos, Brochures/Product Spec Sheets & Product Shots
Use the links below to view the files for each section. Once you click on a link there will be a list containing files under each section.
  • Logos - Contains the following: 1920x1080 HD format logos, Animated logo, Color logo, B & W logo
  • PDF's - Contains the following: Complete product catalog (high & low res), Individual product spec sheets, 'Bleed' folder contains the same but with a press bleed as required by some printers

Contact us for any special needs such as links or embed code for videos, soundbites, photos etc., we will get what you need to you!

Thanks - The Voyage-Air Team

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