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How to Choose a Voyage-Air Guitar
Congratulations! You’re interested in a Voyage-Air guitar – the first really new guitar design in decades. With a Voyage-Air guitar you’ll find it easy to take your guitar with you, wherever you go. We here to help you make an informed decision when it comes time to order your Voyage-Air guitar. Which Model Voyage-Air Guitar Best Suits Your Needs?  Click an item below to find out more.
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When choosing a travel guitar the prices of some of these 'travel guitars' are considerably bit higher $$$, compared to the Voyage-Air starting @ $399.

Pictured Voyage-Air below is the Premier Series VAOM-2C the same model owned by many Famous Artists and Hit Songwriters

From $399
Includes padded    Backpack case with zippered pockets for storage. A Full-size acoustic guitar: no headphones or amp required


Yamaha Silent SLG100S
From $919,
Includes padded gig bag, requires headphones or external amp


Aria Sinsonido AS100S
From $629.95,
Includes padded gig bag, requires headphones or external amp


Emerald X5
From $755,
Includes padded gig bag, miniature guitar body, full scale, no headphones or amp required


Traveler Escape MKII
From $685.99,
Includes gig bag – no padding, miniature guitar body, full scale, requires headphones or external amp


Traveler Escape Original
From $542.99,
Includes gig bag – no padding, miniature guitar body, full scale, requires headphones or external amp


Traveler Ultralight
From $428.99,
Includes gig bag – no padding,
miniature guitar body, full scale, requires external amp, no headphone jack


From $1,039,
Includes gig bag – no padding


Emerald X7
From $974,
Includes padded gig bag, miniature guitar body, full scale, no headphones or amp required

Which is right for you? OM, Dreadnought or Mini-Dread Style?

Voyage-Air acoustic guitars are made in two different body styles: The “OM” stands for “Orchestra Model”, and “Dreadnought” denotes a large-bodied guitar of a particular shape. These are names used to describe guitar body shapes and dimensions, and have been used by guitar makers for nearly 100 years.

So which one is right for you? The size difference is small, but the two guitars feel and play very differently from one another.

OM-style guitars have a slightly smaller body size, and are more comfortable to play when sitting. The smaller size makes for a smaller area of wood for the sound board (resonant top of the guitar), so it’s easier for the strings to vibrate the top of the guitar at low volumes. This means that OM-style guitars provide more ‘detail’ and ‘articulation’ to the sound when individual notes are played. OM-style guitars also have a slightly wider neck (1 ¾ inch wide at the nut), which makes it easier to pluck individual notes and provides a bit more room for fast runs of notes. In general, you can say that OM-style guitars are more suited for fingerstyle or ‘solo guitar’ playing, where the emphasis is on individual notes, rather than strumming chords.

Dreadnought guitars have a large body size, and are made to be louder: to project sound. The larger surface area for the resonant sound board means that Dreadnought guitars can achieve more volume. Without amplification, these guitars can still be heard in a group of other instruments. Dreadnought guitars typically have a slightly narrower neck that makes it easy to play complex chords. Especially ‘bar chords’ where your first-finger has to clamp down all the strings. In general, you can say that Dreadnought guitars are made to be strummed and for playing chords.

The Mini Dreadnought is a new addition to the Voyage-Air product line. Slightly smaller than a Dreadnought (15/16 size), the difference is profound: This model fits comfortably on your lap, making it an easy player for women and young students. It has the full neck width of a Dreadnought, but a slightly shorter scale for the frets (24.5" vs 25.5"). Younger and smaller hands will appreciate this difference when playing complex chords that require "reach." This all-new Mini Dreadnought retains the classic sound of its full-size brothers - yet is crafted in a rugged and uniquely affordable design. This guitar is a bargain!

Travel Tips: Flying with your Voyage-Air

Simply stated: a Voyage-Air guitar can change the way that you travel when flying on a commercial airliner. Obviously, with a Voyage-Air, you can carry your guitar with you as onboard luggage, but there's a lot more to it than that.

The unique backpack-style case common to all Voyage-Air guitars means that you can carry the guitar on your back - leaving both hands free for other things. Finally, you can answer your cell phone at the airport without putting down your other bag!

All Voyage-Air cases have zippered sections with storage pockets big enough for a laptop computer, music books, extra strings and lots more. Now you can take your computer with you in the same padded case as your guitar, and have it all with you as carry-on luggage. One less thing to worry about when traveling!

In fact, many air commuters find there's enough space in the Voyage-Air case that they don't need to check a bag at all. If you travel light, there's room for a change of clothes and basic travel needs. Now it's fast and easy to go through airport security!

All Voyage-Air guitars qualify as carry-on luggage, and will fit in the overhead bin of commercial airliners. For smaller, prop-driven ‘commuter planes’ the overhead bins are a bit smaller: in this case, the deluxe Voyager case has a zipper-detachable section that can be removed – then it will fit in these planes just fine. The slimmer Transit Bag cases easily fit in the overhead bins or under the seats of these smaller planes.

Once at your destination, Voyage-Air cases continue to be a convenience. it's amazing how much easier it is to walk through airport crowds with a backpack, rather than lugging separate carry bags. And the Voyage-Air case sits easily at your side in the back of a taxi or a bus: there's no need to waste time putting your guitar in the trunk or other storage.

Sometimes, you may need to gate-check your guitar. For example, late seating on a flight filled to capacity may mean all the overhead bins are full. In this case, you can detach the computer/storage pocket from the deluxe Voyager case, and gate-check just the guitar, keeping your computer and other needs with you at your seat. The rugged, molded foam case with the guitar is up to the task as gate-checked baggage.

The DuraTrans case supplied with the new Voyage-Air TransAxe Series electric guitars is a travel delight. While thin and compact, it sports the same durable molded foam as the deluxe Voyager case. The DuraTrans case can be carried on, gate checked, or even checked-in as regular baggage on a flight. Click here for Voyage-Air case dimensions.

Listen to the excerpt from an interview with A.J. Swearingen about airline travel with his Voyage-Air, click the player below.

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Choosing a Voyage-Air Guitar for Airline Travel

Any guitar carried for airline travel should be lightweight, compact and durable. Of course the instrument should also match the musical needs and purpose of the trip.

The Transit Series guitars fit the bill perfectly: they are compact, lightweight and very durable. They are ideal for a business trip where you’d want to take along a guitar for practice in the off hours. The supplied Transit Bag is the most compact of the Voyage-Air cases, making it easiest to fit into overhead bins, or the backseat of a taxi at your destination.

The Songwriter Series guitars are shipped with the same compact Transit Bag case as the Transit Series guitars, and are equally compact and lightweight. The extra resonance and harmonics of the Songwriter’s Solid Spruce top make them the pick for the more discerning musician who appreciates the superior tone of a solid wood top. The Songwriter Series is a better choice where music is a part of the purpose of the trip: for informal gigs, music seminars, outdoor music festivals or even performing on stage. Since their introduction, Songwriter Series guitars have been used for stage performances worldwide.

If music is the purpose of the trip, and only the best will do, then the Premier Series guitars are the only choice. The brilliant harmonics and sustain afforded by their solid wood construction make this the no-compromise solution. The fine solid tonewoods used in the Premier Series are more fragile than the engineered Mahogany used in other Voyage-Air guitars. Therefore, these guitars are supplied with the super-durable Voyager carrying case. The extra size and padding of the Voyager case helps protect these fine instruments during travel. It is also slightly larger and heavier than the other Voyage-Air cases.

If you need a full-size electric guitar for travel, the new Voyage-Air TransAxe series guitars are the best choice. Supplied with the new DuraTrans case, they were designed for airline travel.






Camping, hiking and the great outdoors provide special challenges to any musical instrument. In general, it’s a rougher environment, and any instrument is likely subjected to more dinks, donks and bangs. There’s also the question of temperature extremes, and how they affect the tonewoods of a guitar.

The Transit Series guitars are made with extremely rugged engineered tonewoods: Select Mahogany for the back and sides, and Select Spruce for the top. These tonewoods are not only tougher than the more expensive solid woods: they are also more resistant to temperature extremes. The Transit Series guitars are also supplied with the durable Transit Bag carry case, which is the slimmest and lightest backpack-style case offered by Voyage-Air Guitar. They’re also the most affordable Voyage-Air guitars, and a great choice for packing a guitar along for camping, hiking or any outdoor activity.

Next would be the Songwriter Series guitars. For the back and sides, they’re made with the same rugged Select Mahogany as used for the Transit Series. The Songwriter Series guitars have a Solid Spruce top. The extra resonance of the Solid Spruce top makes for great projection, and a louder overall sound that’s great for sing-alongs around a campfire. Spruce is tough stuff, and holds up fine in outdoor use.

Voyage-Air guitars are a natural for outdoor music festivals. Sling one of these instruments over your shoulder, and share your own music with other musicians that you meet. You never know when you might need a guitar – right now – at one of these events, and you never know who you might meet. Voyage-Air guitars can take your musical connections to the next level, and help you expand your career. Everyone wants to see and hear the new ‘folding guitar’ – it’s an easy intro. With your Voyage-Air guitar, you can be there and make it happen!

Shop for a Voyage-Air Acoustic Guitar by series: Transit Series - Songwriter Series - Premier Series

Go Camping and hiking with your Voyage-Air

For budget-conscious beginners, the Transit Series acoustic guitars are a natural choice. The body and top of these guitars are made from specially-engineered select laminate tonewoods that are rugged, lightweight and sound great. Because of the pressure lamination process, the wood is also very strong, and is more resistant to temperature extremes than the more expensive solid-wood guitars.

The extra durability of the tonewoods used for the Transit Series guitars make them an ideal choice for young students that may, for example, use a bicycle to travel to a music lesson.

A more advanced student will appreciate the Solid Spruce top woods used for the Songwriter Series guitars. The Songwriter Series guitars use the same engineered Mahogany tonewoods for the back and sides as the Transit Series, and share that durability for the body of the guitar. However, the Solid Spruce for the top provides additional resonance and harmonics to the tone. Students will hear this difference as their skills progress.

Realize that all Voyage-Air guitars are carefully crafted, and are easy to play instruments. So any of them make a fine choice for learning to play the guitar.

Professional educators and music teachers world-wide have adopted Voyage-Air guitars as a first-pick instrument. Why? They’re compact, easy to play and sound great. Voyage-Air guitars are easy to pack and transport for music seminars and workshops. Even at the K-12 and college levels, a lot of Voyage-Air guitars can be stored where space is at a premium: for example, band practice rooms with limited storage shelves for instruments. Many students report that the compact Transit Series guitars will fit in their school lockers.

Click here to see the complete Voyage-Air product line.

All Voyage-Air guitars are full-size, full-scale instruments that open and play the same as any fine acoustic guitar. When folded and stored in their case, the Voyage-Air package is smaller – a LOT smaller – than any other full-size guitar.

For example: modern, fuel-efficient cars have limited trunk space. That trunk storage can accommodate… maybe one or two old-fashioned acoustic guitars in their cases. With the Voyage-Air design, you can easily put four full-size guitars in the trunk – and still have room left over!

Other outdoor activities beg for you to bring along an acoustic guitar. A bicycle trip to a city park? Take a Voyage-Air, thanks to the backpack straps incorporated in its durable carrying case. A motorcycle trip? The slim design of all Voyage-Air cases fits comfortably on your back without protruding to interfere with your helmet, and is aerodynamically stable at speed.

Voyage-Air guitars are a natural for boats and watercraft. Here, onboard storage space is at a premium. Finally, you can take a full-size acoustic guitar onboard without cramping space for other necessities. The Transit Series and Songwriter Series guitars incorporate engineered tonewoods that are resistant to the humidity swings of a marine environment.

Finally, all Voyage-Air guitars are flat-out engineered and designed for travel. Musicians around the world have traveled to the extreme with Voyage-Air guitars, and have enabled them to make their music wherever they go.  Where will YOU take your Voyage-Air guitar? 

Shop for a Voyage-Air Guitar by series:
Transit Series - Songwriter Series - Premier Series - TransAxe Series

In a performance or recording environment, the extra demands for harmonics, tone and sustain require a solid wood for the top of the guitar. To the trained ear, the differences are significant: the Solid Spruce used for the tops of the Songwriter and Premier Series guitars have a distinct sonic signature that truly sets them apart.

The venue and situation help dictate the choice of guitar. For example, if the venue is a crowded lounge where the guitar may encounter some dings and bangs on its way to the stage, the Songwriter Series guitars are stronger and better suited to the situation. The Solid Spruce top of all Songwriter Series guitars provides excellent harmonics and projection, and the tone quality has surprised discerning musicians the world over. Songwriter Series guitars are absolutely top tone for the dollar, and have a proven on-stage durability.

If the destination is the recording studio or a concert, the Premier Series guitars are the best choice. The solid tonewoods used in the construction of these fine instruments bring out the subtle resonance and harmonics present in only the finest acoustic guitars.

The premium, Solid African Mahogany used for the VAOM-1C and the VAD-1 models emphasize a rich, sparkling midrange, as well as the resonance of harmonics and overtones that can be had from a premium Voyage-Air guitar. The rich dynamics of these models surprise even professional musicians: the result is a guitar that you have to play to believe.

The premium, Solid East Indian Rosewood used for the VAOM-2C and the VAD-2 models consummate the deepest bass tones, balanced across richly-voiced mids and highs, with soaring harmonics. The carefully-crafted Solid Rosewood elicit comments such as “…this may be the Steinway of acoustic guitars!”  Proof? Rusty Anderson, who plays with the Paul McCartney Band, played a Voyage-Air VAOM-2C ON STAGE during the entire ‘Good Evening Europe’ tour in 2009-2010.

Studio ready and stage tough, Voyage-Air Premier Series guitars are proven instruments that are ideally crafted for the demands of professional musicians. No compromise. Stage or studio. Premier Series: Voyage-Air.

Click here to see the complete Voyage-Air product line.