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Body Shape: Dreadnought

Paul McCartney on the White Album. Garth Brooks on stage. Johnny Cash. Thousands of superstars have made the Dreadnought a legend, and the most-recorded guitar of all time. Designed with a wide and deep body, the Dreadnought guitar has a big sound, great clarity from the strings, and is made to be strummed.

The Dreadnought guitar has great projection, and can dominate your live performances with or without an amplifier. The narrow neck-width makes it fast and easy to play complex chords, while still accommodating solo runs up the neck. The Voyage-Air Dreadnought is a proven, harmonic and versatile instrument that can follow you to any level of play.

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Songwriter Series: VAD-04
Songwriter Series: VAD-04LH (Left handed model)
Songwriter Series: VAD-06

Premier Series: VAD-1
Premier Series: VAD-2