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Voyage-Air Special Limited Time Offer

TransAxe Series: BelAir VER-1TV + TelAir VET-2SBB


The TransAxe Series: BelAir VER-1TV

The Belair captures the vibe from the earliest days of the electric guitar, this guitar has a stunning semi-transparent high-gloss “TV Yellow” finish, and wears a deeply-patterned tortoise pickguard. For the period-accurate tone, this guitar is fitted with two custom Tonerider™ “Vintage 90 Soap Bar” pickups, and a three-position toggle switch. The tone is warm yet articulated, and has punch and sustain that is more than surprising. Fitting its status, this guitar sports deluxe features ordinarily found on much more expensive instruments: solid Alder wood body, solid Canadian Maple neck topped with a solid Rosewood fingerboard, mother-of-pearl fret position dots, and a bridge that’s adjustable for individual string intonation and height. The price includes the DuraTrans carrying case with backpack-style straps and zippered pockets for additional storage.

The TransAxe Series: TelAir VET-2SBB

The TelAir sports all the features that a pro expects for that distinctive vintage tone: Solid Alder body, and Solid Canadian Maple neck. Wide vintage frets that make it effortless to bend notes. Custom ToneRider pickups that punch with rich harmonics, and a sustain that drills back to the Roots of Rock. All this in an easy to carry, easy to play guitar. Acclaimed by both students and pros. Fold it open, check the tuning, and in seconds you're ready to rock, with a guitar that's lightweight, road tested and travel tough. The price includes the DuraTrans carrying case.

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