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Mikey Pauker Mikey Pauker swings by the Voyage-Air offices to pick up his brand new folding guitar in this cool v... Read more
Teresa Chandler Teresa Chandler I love this guitar. My decades long struggle of traveling with my guitar is over! I was honestly j... Read more
Spenny Spenny "I travel a lot, and for years, I schlepped my heavy Goodall Jumbo, always worried about it gettin... Read more
Cleo in Panama Cleo in Panama The Voyage-Air Guitar faired well in the jungles of Panama! From the streets of Panama city, to the ... Read more
18 Countries, 4 Continents, 11 months 18 Countries, 4 Continents, 11 months My Voyage-Air guitar is a Premier Series VAOM-1C which I bought in Hilo Hawaii last April when I was... Read more
Patti DeRosa - European Tour Patti DeRosa - European Tour I love my Voyage Air VAOM-1C! It has traveled to many places with me, always gathering attention and... Read more
Nicholas Toth - Olduvai Gorge, Northern Tanzania Nicholas Toth - Olduvai Gorge, Northern Tanzania Here are a couple of photos of me playing my VoyageAir guitar at Olduvai Gorge, northern Tanzania (“... Read more
Thierry Saumande Thierry Saumande Hi my friends, I'm a french musician, my name is Thierry Saumande, I live in Pau, France.www.thierr... Read more
Stan Ascher - Guitar Voyager Stan Ascher - Guitar Voyager Sometime back Stan Ascher got his Voyage-Air guitar and immediately began his "Guitar Voyager" adven... Read more
Kristen Zack: VAOM-1C Kristen Zack: VAOM-1C Kristen Zack is a trained classical guitarist, singer and songwriter and a part of Born Sisters a Co... Read more
Gunset Passion Gunset Passion   “The Voyage Air folding guitar was invaluable during our leg of Warped Tour.  Our car w... Read more
Bo White - Moving Overseas Bo White - Moving Overseas It has been a tough year and a half. My family and I just recently decided to give up everything we ... Read more
Scott Walker, a BelAir Believer Scott Walker, a BelAir Believer From Scott Walker: “I’ve been playing music gigs for over 35 years here in South Texas. I primarily... Read more
Curtis Thorpe Creates a MIDI Harp Guitar with Voyage-Air Curtis Thorpe Creates a MIDI Harp Guitar with Voyage-Air Hello Voyage-Air Guitar! "I've got quite a collection of guitars but I always find myself picking u... Read more
Steve Bryant on his OM Steve Bryant on his OM Steve Bryant... is a TV Pro, pitching products on the QVC home shopping channel. Recently, he bought... Read more
9000' - Zero Degrees 9000' - Zero Degrees Voyage-Air Guitar: I'm the proud owner of a new VAD-04 (purchased in Denver, CO in 2012).&n... Read more
Gordon goes to Indonesia Gordon goes to Indonesia Hey Voyage-Air! I can't thank you enough for the guitar. There are many traveling musicians in Indo... Read more
Mike McGreevy Mike McGreevy I had been thinking about getting one of your guitars for many months. I don't travel all that much,... Read more
Karl Dentino in Italia Karl Dentino in Italia I first learned about the Voyage Air Guitar from my friend and bandmate, John Sudia. He showed... Read more
James Brown in Key Largo James Brown in Key Largo After reading several glowing reviews in various guitar magazines, I decided to check out Voyage-Air... Read more
To the Top: Kilimanjaro To the Top: Kilimanjaro Robby LeBlanc takes his Voyage-Air guitar to conquer Mt Kilimanjaro! This story actually star... Read more
3 Weeks in La Manzanilla 3 Weeks in La Manzanilla "Hello Voyage-Air Guitar! Sally Evans here, and just back from 3 weeks in beautiful La Manzani... Read more
Busking in Brandenburg Busking in Brandenburg Note: Busking, defined: “Street performance or busking is the practice of performing in public... Read more
Road-Tested Case Road-Tested Case Shawn Smith: Road-Tested his Deluxe Voyager Case. It was one of the first motorcycle rides of the se... Read more
Christopher Cyr: the Graph Tech Ghost Christopher Cyr: the Graph Tech Ghost A few weeks ago, we received a sound clip from one of our Voyage-Air owners/enthusiasts that just ... Read more
Namaste from India Namaste from India I have been traveling throughout India with my Voyage-Air guitar since late December, from South to ... Read more
Tim Brookes: Island of Vieques Tim Brookes: Island of Vieques Note: Guitarists know Tim Brookes as the author of the critically acclaimed best-seller Guitar, An A... Read more
Andrew Palmer: Yaounde-Africa Andrew Palmer: Yaounde-Africa This just in from Andrew Palmer in Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa... Andrew Palmer is well on his way, t... Read more
LR Baggs M1 pickup LR Baggs M1 pickup I very highly recommend the L.R. Baggs M1 soundhole pickup, specifically the passive versio... Read more
Charles Picard: Quebec Charles Picard: Quebec Charles Picard is a helicopter engineer, and his travels take him to the northern reaches of Canada ... Read more
Chaplain Glen Harris Chaplain Glen Harris   "My name is Glen Harris, and I am a proud new owner of a Voyage-Air VAOM-04. I purchas... Read more
Ned Robbins: Airline Pilot Ned Robbins: Airline Pilot Ned Robbins knows quite a bit about airline travel.  In fact, he’s a full-time pilot for a ma... Read more
Bob Pellizzi in Greece Bob Pellizzi in Greece   In July of this year, I took my (then) brand new Transit Series VAMD-02 to Athens, Gre... Read more
Christopher Cyr: BelAir Mods Christopher Cyr: BelAir Mods I travel a lot. Like 50 weeks out of the year a lot. I have been playing guitar professionall... Read more
Steve Stern Steve Stern Steve Stern is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville. Originally from WV, he blends traditional mou... Read more
Brazil to India Brazil to India {fsend}Travels with Angel – My Journey to the Voyage-Air By Rev.Nettie M. Spiwack Jim Wolcott asked... Read more
Rev. Nettie Spiwack Rev. Nettie Spiwack {fsend} Rev. Nettie Spiwack travels extensively, bringing her music to far points on the globe su... Read more
Around the World on a Motorcycle Around the World on a Motorcycle {fsend} Andrew Palmer: Motorcycle World Trip – with a Voyage-Air Guitar Andrew Palmer has spent ... Read more
Charles Nordby Charles Nordby {fsend} VOYAGE-AIR GUITAR HELPS THE TROOPS His good friend and part of the Voyage-Air family, Bar... Read more
Bill Morrell Bill Morrell Have Guitar (Voyage Air) WILL Travel... Heading from Waterbury Ct. to Lake George N.Y. Americade Bi... Read more
Dale Doerman Dale Doerman Dale Doerman plays his VAMD-02 off road, in The Badlands (pardon the wind). He performs his song "C... Read more
Scott Honaker Scott Honaker Here I am playing my VAD-2 at The Commodore Grille in Nashville, TN. Voyage-Air guitars are not only... Read more
Simon Todd Simon Todd Simon Todd performing in the Club Tent at the Cambridge Folk Festival 2011. Read more
Greg Young Greg Young Sydney to Dubai, with my Voyage-Air as hand luggage no problem. Next stop London! Here with my Voy... Read more
Paul Price & his VAOM-04BK Paul Price & his VAOM-04BK I got my new VAOM-04BK a few months ago and I wanted to express my feelings about the instrument. Th... Read more
Lisa Koch & her VAOM-04BK Lisa Koch & her VAOM-04BK "Hi Voyage-Air Gang, I am a Seattle musician/comedian and I tour with a  guitar, lots of flying... Read more
Pete Quin: VAD-06 Customization Pete Quin: VAD-06 Customization Hello Voyage-Air! I'm a working guitarist in the UK with over forty years professional expe... Read more
Bob Pellizzi  A note to the staff at Voyage-Air Guitar: “My wife and I recently saw the Shark Tank ... Read more
Brie Capone: Berklee College of Music Brie Capone: Berklee College of Music {fsend}  I'm a professional music major at Berklee College of Music going into my last... Read more
Air travel with a guitar Air travel with a guitar Air travel with a guitar is freaky business. Flying on a regional plane in the States, you'll at lea... Read more