Playing your Guitar at a Campfire

Sing around the campfire. For those of us who have had the pleasure, few memories can match those golden moments spent around a campfire sing-along. Heck - you don't even really have to be able to sing. But the warmth of the fire, surrounded by friends, can make memories that last a lifetime.

PLEASE - take your guitar to a campfire! Okay, right off the bat: the number-one concern about your guitar at a campfire is the heat of the campfire itself. Think back to the last time you were at a campfire: your front and face were warm, yet your backside was not. It's the same concern for a guitar.

If the front of the guitar gets really warm, while the backside (against your body) does not... this will cause stress on the woods and joints inside the guitar! Simple solution? Take a step or two back from the campfire! If you can feel the heat of the campfire but it doesn't feel 'hot' - then you're probably okay.

Another important point is that guitars need to be warmed up gradually. For example, imagine your guitar has been in the trunk of your car on a cold winter's day... maybe 20-degrees F. Then you take your Voyage-Air Guitar out of the trunk, open it up, and start playing it while standing near the campfire. Whoa! The woods of the front of the guitar warm quickly, while the body and the back of the guitar are still ice cold! This can cause the woods of the guitar to crack from the stress! So please, don't do this.

Just be aware that for a quality guitar like the Voyage-Air, that temperature changes should be gradual , not sudden.

Also know that - if you intend to use a guitar where temperature extremes are common - that engineered laminate tonewoods (like in the Voyage-Air Songwriter series) are better than solid woods (like in the Voyage-Air Premiere series). Solid woods are more expensive and sound better in a recording studio, but are more fragile when subjected to temperature extremes.

Quick Reference Points for using your Guitar at a Campfire:
• Temperature changes need to be GRADUAL. Do NOT subject an ice-cold guitar to the warmth of a campfire!
• During the day, keep the guitar in the SHADE, at about the same temperature you are.
• During the day, NEVER leave the guitar case exposed to direct sunlight - it can cook the guitar!
• After the campfire - take the guitar into the camping tent, trailer, motor home, whatever.

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