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Shark Tank

It's the Friday night hit show on ABC TV. Fans and friends of Voyage-Air Guitar know that in Season 1, we declined a million dollar offer from the Sharks. Since then, we've built a world-wide network of retail dealers in the US, coupled with strategically selected international distributors. Then, ABC ran a Shark Tank follow-up feature during Season 2. In Season 3, we did some things behind the scenes that never made it to air and then in Season 4, we made a deal with Fender Guitar. This has helped to catapult our success. Product orders continue to grow: there's nothing else that compares to a Voyage-Air Guitar!

Shark Tank

"Shark Tank: Swimming with Sharks"

In case you did not see the show - here's what you missed! Click play below to watch it now.

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Shark Tank Season 1

Season 1, Episode 3: As you all recall, when my son Josh and I appeared on Shark Tank 3 years ago, my partners Harvey Leach and Adrian Bagale had just perfected our folding guitar technology. I didn't want to do anything to diminish its quality and disappoint our guitar playing friends and fans. My objective was, and still is, to build very high quality guitars that just happen to be the most portable and accessible guitars on the planet! So, even though I was berated by Kevin, it was an easy decision to turn him down. After all, we don't want to diminish the value or utility of the worlds' most recognized innovation in the guitar business in generations simply to make a few bucks on a licensing deal.

Shark Tank Season 2: Follow-Up

Season 2: After turning down the Sharks, we continued to build out the business and the product line. We added several acoustic models and developed our first electric prototype. Michael Ferrucci, VP of Sales and Marketing, orchestrated a successful U.S. launch in over 200 retail stores. Based on results, we proved the viability of our technology and every major guitar magazine touted our benefits writing stunning reviews about our guitars. Voyage-Air Guitar had truly arrived and the Shark Tank producers were proud to showcase us.

Shark Tank Season 3

Season 3: I have made many friends at Shark Tank, and have kept in touch with them over the past 3 years. The producers thought it would be kind of fun to see what would happen if I returned to the Tank for Season 3. They knew how excited Kevin O'Leary was about Voyage-Air Guitar and about all the buzz we were getting in the guitar world. So, I returned to the Tank. As you could imagine, I received a wonderful reception from all the Sharks, including Mark Cuban (Mark replaced Kevin Harrington, the Shark who wanted to do an infomercial with us during Season 1). But the point-man remains Kevin O'Leary. Yes, "Mr. Wonderful" was annoyed that he let us slip through his fingers two years ago. Even though I was "dead to him", he was more than willing to resuscitate me if he could get a piece of the action. What happened was the biggest deal ever made on Shark Tank. However, the deal was too complex for TV. It included millions of dollars and was contingent on me negotiating a concurrent deal with a leading industry brand name, so the producers couldn't figure out how to make the piece simple enough to be explained to the TV audience.

Shark Tank Season 4

Season 4: Enter Fender Guitar. Ok, now no matter what you say, you've got to agree that Fender is the industry icon. Fender is a household name and a venerable company known for building high quality guitars that their customers are proud to own. Fender builds a great product and shows enormous respect for their customers and the environment. However, Fender also recognizes that in order to remain relevant and on top, you can't just sit still and bask in past successes. They must move forward and demonstrate that they are not just keeping up with the times, but rather they are a forward thinking company. That's where Voyage-Air comes in. We ARE the innovation leader. Fender is hip enough to recognize that fact and astute enough to do something about it. In a series of "secret meetings", the Fender and Voyage-Air senior staff met to discuss what we would build, how to build it, and how to protect the integrity and independence of each brand. The result? We agreed on a market test. Shark Tank brought their cameras in to witness Kevin and I negotiate the terms of the market test with Fender's senior staff. The test will include a very limited run of a few hundred Fender Voyage-Air Guitars placed in key retail stores around the country. No doubt these guitars will become instant collectibles!

ABC 20/20 Special

Shark Tank's 'Mr. Wonderful' Kevin O'Leary

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary

If you missed it - the day in the life special on Kevin O'Leary! See how Kevin spends his days and balances out work and life! As an added bonus, Voyage-Air's President and CEO Jeff Cohen took time out of his busy schedule in New York and responded to Kevin's invitation for lunch at Manhattan's Soho District's chic Crosby Street Hotel. Kevin and Jeff enjoyed a casual lunch where they discussed the continued adoption of the Voyage-Air Guitar's patented technology and the details of the Fender Voyage-Air deal. They agreed on the key deal points leading to the test launch of the Fender Voyage-Air Guitars and expect a new line of folding Fenders to be available in stores under the Fender brand this summer. Another Shark Tank success story? 

Shark Tank Follow-Up

From the Desk of President and CEO...

Thank you for all the congratulatory texts, emails and posts! It's a real treat when a young company is invited to show its products on network TV, and certainly flattering when you get invited back three times. But it's unbelievably flattering when your competition tips their hat and gives you a public 'attaboy'! We owe it all to you - our employees, our customers, our fans and our friends. With your help we have proven to the world that it is possible to improve upon perfection. The art, craftsmanship and genesis of fine lutherie brought to this country over 175 years ago has been updated, refreshed and made more portable for today's mobile society. Most important of all, we did this without sacrificing any of the quality that we've all come to love in a skillfully devised and great sounding guitar.


Voyage-Air and Fender?

Voyage-Air and Fender Update

Voyage-Air CEO Jeff Cohen and Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary visit Fender Guitars in this history making episode for Voyage-Air.

A Folding Fender? Yes you saw it here!

Fender has agreed to do a test of a 150 folding neck Fender guitars in 5 - 10 stores. Watch the video to view the episdode.

Folding Fender Acoustics

Voyage-Air Guitar, Inc. is proud to announce 2 brand new models of Fender branded folding acoustics now available at the select dealers (click here).

Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars are available in two models: the CD60 and CD140VA. Both include the Voyage-Air Guitar patented folding hinge and will include the backpack-style case.

‘Redefining Air Guitar,' ‘Unrivaled Fender Quality – Anytime, Anywhere’ and ‘Outstanding Affordability’ are what the new line affords each customer.

Please contact one of the participating dealers below and ask by name for the new ‘Fender Folding Acoustic Guitar’ line.


The Making of Shark Tank

From Virginia Cannon - Artists Relations, Voyage-Air Guitar

Behind the scenes at McCabe's - first episode Voyage-Air appeared on Shark TankWhen I first got this job in August of 2009, one of the first events that happened with the Voyage-Air Guitar family was the viewing of an ABC reality TV show called “Shark Tank.” This is a show where contestants go to pitch their products or their ideas, and then six self-made billionaires offer them money for a percentage of the company. That, or they get laughed off the show. One of the contestants, for example, wanted to pursue his idea of permanently implanting a blue tooth wireless device in someone’s head so that they wouldn’t have to wear a headphone. What a bad idea!

In early February, I flew out to Los Angeles for the filming of the Shark Tank follow up show. Jeff Cohen, Josh Cohen and I met at McCabe’s Guitar Shop, in Santa Monica, CA. McCabe’s was instrumental in getting us on the original show, so we decided to film the follow-up show there. This is a great guitar shop: McCabe’s has a regular clientele of musician giants, and you never know who you might run into at that store. The staff is knowledgeable, talented, and just really cool cats! One of their sales people is Pete Steinberg. Pete was recently the Southwest Finger-style Champion, and he loves our Voyage-Air guitar!