Ravi at the Osh Kish air Show!

Going on now, the Osh Kosh Airventure is regarded as the world's greatest air show, drawing pilots and plane enthusiasts from around the world.

This year, Ravi, accomplished singer/songwriter who shot to worldwide fame as the guitarist for the '90's band Hanson, will be performing at Airventure as a part of the Flying Musician's Association - yep: Ravi is also an avid pilot.

Ravi has played on stages at the White House, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Rosie O'Donnell, and Madison Square Garden, as well as the Louisiana Superdome as a solo artist.

For Ravi, the Voyage-Air guitar is a natural: a full-size, no compromise acoustic guitar that he can carry with him on any plane.

Ravi will be performing Thursday, July 29, and Friday July 30 , 12-noon at the Sennheiser tent at the Airventure show. Click here for more info. You can also click here for Ravi's website.

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