Voyage-Air and the Overhead Bins

Voyage-Air Guitar Artist Relations Director, Virginia Cannon reports from the road:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - "Another busy day meeting with Voyage-Air artists, and I finally checked in at the Oakland, CA, airport. While I was in line, a family in front of me spotted the Voyage-Air guitar over my shoulder, and wanted to know all about it. Mara, Eric and the rest couldn't believe it was a full-size guitar in such a small and easy to carry case."A few minutes later we were all boarding the plane and finding our seats - Eric rushed to help. As usual, my Voyage-Air guitar easily fit in the overhead bin."Is this news? Not really, but just an example of how folks are finding out about Voyage-Air guitars, and how easy it is to travel with them as a carry-on item. I take my Voyage-Air guitar with me everywhere. Once you play one, you will too!"

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