Shark Tank UPDATE


Voyage-Air and Fender?

Voyage-Air CEO Jeff Cohen and Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary visit Fender Guitars in this history making episode for Voyage-Air. A Folding Fender? Yes you saw it here! Fender has agreed to do a test of a 150 folding neck Fender guitars in 5 - 10 stores.


From the Desk of President and CEO...
Thank you for all the congratulatory texts, emails and posts! It's a real treat when a young company is invited to show its products on network TV, and certainly flattering when you get invited back three times. But it's unbelievably flattering when your competition tips their hat and gives you a public 'attaboy'! We owe it all to you - our employees, our customers, our fans and our friends. With your help we have proven to the world that it is possible to improve upon perfection. The art, craftsmanship and genesis of fine lutherie brought to this country over 175 years ago has been updated, refreshed and made more portable for today's mobile society. Most important of all, we did this without sacrificing any of the quality that we've all come to love in a skillfully devised and great sounding guitar. (Read More)

Shark Tank?
It's the hit Friday night show on ABC TV. Fans and friends of Voyage-Air Guitar know that three years ago, we declined a million dollar offer from the Sharks.  Since then, we’ve built a world-wide network of hundreds of retail dealers in the USA, coupled with strategically selected international distributors.  Then, ABC Network ran a Shark Tank follow-up feature during the second season.  That helped to catapult our success.  Product orders continue to grow: there’s nothing else that compares to a Voyage-Air Guitar.

Well, that success caught the attention of the folks at Shark Tank, and they invited us back for another chance.  They want a piece of the action at Voyage-Air Guitar!  That’s never happened on the show, ever: the Sharks have never invited a company back for a second try.  

And the results are completely over the topWith this episode, it's not just about investment money. You’ll have to see the show on November 9 to believe it. Nothing like this has ever happened on Shark Tank.

To coincide with the Nov 9 airing of Shark Tank, Voyage-Air Guitar will have special phone lines open, special sale pricing during the show, and special prizes and discounts for the best Internet Tweets! To sign up and be eligible for these one-night-only offers, click here.

Voyage-Air Guitar Shark Tank UPDATE (2011)


A Year and a half ago, our company was invited to appear on the new ABC TV Reality Show called “Shark Tank.” The Shark investors put a million-dollar offer on the table, but in the end, Voyage-Air CEO Jeff Cohen walked away to build the company on his own.

The Sharks wanted to find out how our company has grown without their help. Filmed at McCabe’s Guitar Shop, this follow-up segment has actually appeared twice: most recently, on Friday, July 22, 2011.

We’re celebrating with a limited-time Shark Tank Special discount for the viewers. We’re offering the breakthrough Transit Series guitars, including the backpack-style case, at the lowest-ever Internet price.

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