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Yup! That’s Venice behind me and my Voyage-Air guitar—a full-size electric guitar that folds in half for travel.November 2012 Issue
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My professional battle cry remains:
Have guitar, will travel.
No bar too far, no hall to small.
You buy, I’ll fly.

I hate schlepping gear by air.

This limited space available in overhead bins makes the airline very reluctant to let you carry on a guitar. Five years ago, I could carry a guitar on a jet 90 percent of the time. Now it’s 50 percent, at best.

Why I hate checking gear:
Given enough time, airlines will convert checked guitars into kindling.
Music is a business. A business remains solvent by keeping down expenses. If I check two guitars for a session, that $25-per-bag fee per flight translates into $100 snatched from my profits.
If my gear does not arrive before I go to work, I’m screwed.
Even if it all goes right and my bags arrive on time and unscathed, I tend to worry about it and actually lose sleep over the whole potential mess. Of course, this leaves me stressed and brain-dead when it’s time to play music.

Check it out: I’ve got this little T-style guitar made by Voyage-Air with a shorter neck that folds in over the body. I was very skeptical of the design, thinking that it would sound like a toy and play like a Stella flattop circa 1962. Surprisingly, it sounds very Fender-y and feels like a fatnecked old friend. Best of all, in its tiny case I can cram some socks, underwear, toothbrush, and clean shirt, and still fit the guitar, cables, picks, capos, slides, strings, my computer (the case has a padded slot made for laptops), and my essential pedals (tuner, compressor, overdrive, tremolo, phaser, and delay).

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