Ronnie Montrose jams with Greg Kihn, LIVE on air at 98.5 KFOX Radio

Ronnie Montrose is a living guitar legend.

Montrose has worked with a variety of musicians over the years, including
Herbie Hancock, Van Morrison, The Beau Brummels, Boz Scaggs, Beaver & Krause, Gary Wright, Tony Williams, The Neville Brothers, and Dan Hartman. He was in the Edgar Winter Group before forming his own band, Montrose in 1973, featuring Sammy Hagar on vocals.

The list of hit tunes that Ronnie has been involved with rolls on like a 'who's who' of everything you want to hear on Classic Rock radio.

Recently, Ronnie Montrose stopped by Radio Station 98.5 KFOX in San Jose, CA for an interview, and when it came time for Ronnie to pick up a guitar? A Voyage-Air OM-style guitar!

Featured on the Greg Kihn Morning Show, we got a video of Greg and Ronnie jamming a tune that was blown out live on the air. This is one of those rare occasions when two established rockers just picked up guitars to do a song, live, on the air.

Big thanks to Greg Kihn, and likewise for Ronnie Montrose for his respect of the Voyage-Air guitar, and how great it made him sound GREAT during this radio broadcast.

Click here for the link to the video of this on-air performance at radio station 98.5 KFOX.

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