Voyage-Air on Charlie Crowe TV

A winner in the Guitar Player Live guitar competition this year, Charlie Crowe became intrigued with the Voyage-Air Guitar.  He asked if he could feature it on one of the episodes in his popular Nashville-based TV show.  You can see the episode below.  

For 12 years, Charlie toured the nation as a guitar player for the country-rock super duo Brooks & Dunn.  He has appeared on awards shows, music videos, Letterman, Leno, the Olympics and two presidential inaugurations.

All of this may explain why Charlie’s so comfortable in front of the camera.

In addition to being a hit songwriter, Charlie is also the newest blogger for Guitar Player Magazine: he’ll talk about everything from guitars to gear of all kinds.  Keep an eye out for him in the magazine and on-line… you never know what he’ll talk about next!  

Click here to read his blog about participating in the Guitar Player Live Guitar Competition.

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