Dave Gibson scores a 9.6 with his new Song - "King Me"

Dave Gibson endorses Voyage-Air guitars, and he's a well-known singer and songwriter on the Nashville circuit.

Dave Gibson, the lead singer from the Gibson Miller Band, rose to the top of the charts with "Texas Tattoo", "Big Heart", "Red White and Blue Collar" and "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys." Not only that, the songs he wrote for other artists did as well. Billboard #1 songs like "Queen Of Memphis" & "Daddy Never was the Cadillac Kind" (Confederate Railroad), Joe Diffie's "Ships That Don't Come In" and Alabama's "Jukebox In My Mind" and the #2 song by Montgomery Gentry "Lonely & Gone" ... these are just a few of the hit songs written by Dave.

So Get This: today, the top Nashville radio station WSIX played his new song: "King Me" - where on that track, Dave played, sang and performed this song. Listeners were invited to call-in and vote for how they liked the song. The result? Callers/Listeners ranked this new song a 9.6 on a scale of 10. Whoa!

Dave Gibson depends on his Voyage-Air guitar to pull the ultimate tone and harmonics when he plays a tune, and he used this same Voyage-Air guitar for this recording.

Click here for a sound file of Dave Gibson playing this morning at WSIX radio, Nashville.

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