Voyage-Air vs. Hurricane

Well, the motorcycle kind of Hurricane: a Honda Hurricane. Turns out that one of our dealers, 'Take Your Guitar' in Chico, CA... well the owner is a certified Motorcycle Nut.

And a guitar player. And... we'll just copy you on an email that he recently sent to us:

"My wife was off to a college class, and our other car was in the shop, so that meant I had only my trusty Honda Hurricane motorcycle for transportation. This was last Thursday night, and I had 'band practice' where I play guitar for my church.

"So I used the backpack straps on the case of my Voyage-Air Premiere VAD-02 Dreadnought, and put the guitar on my back. Cinched down my helmet, and took off down the freeway.

"Tell you what - that Backpack case is stable at speed. Serious. There was no pull, tug, wobble or anything up to xxx MPH! [ed note: exact number deleted to protect this guy's driver's license].

"You would never even know it's there when you're riding at speed. Chalk up another feature for Voyage-Air Guitar, and their amazing backpack case!"

-Jim, at, Chico, CA



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