MATISYAHU and VOYAGE-AIR GUITAR, together in concert!

Internationally acclaimed Chassidic Reggae sensation Matisyahu delivered a 90 minute performance that included a question and answer session. Josh Cohen opened the show, playing his Voyage-Air acoustic guitar. This was a rare appearance for Matisyahu at the Bankhead Theatre in Livermore, California, and he was gentle and thoughtful in his delivery. His songs were executed with precision timing, backed with only the Voyage-Air Guitar and a microphone. Matisyahu’s guitar player, D.P. Holmes (Dub Trio) used the guitar exclusively throughout the entire show.

The Q & A session was amazing with bursts of laughter at his playful banter. To ask a question, Matisyahu demanded that the questioner first tell their name, age and what type of animal they are most like. This created a very light hearted atmosphere in light of the serious questions being asked regarding his background, Jewish faith and musical influences.

At the end, he graciously signed a Voyage-Air Guitar that was raffled off for charity to benefit the Chabad of the Tri Valley. 13 year old Ben Frieman of Danville, California was the happy winner. Since he learned to play on his Dad’s guitar, this Voyage-Air is the first guitar that Ben has owned.

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