Brian Ray Celebrates a Birthday

Brian RayPaul McCartney guitarist Brian Ray's fans not only remembered his birthday on Wednesday, but they did it in a special way.

As fan Julie Clark told us, " A group of us who call ourselves the Whooray Team teamed up recently to honor guitarist Brian Ray on his birthday by making a group-effort donation to MusiCares, an organization that Ray also supports." She said team members from four countries participated,  from the West Coast of California to coastal Virginia and many states in between.

Why did they want to do this? Clark quoted Keri, who said, "Brian Ray is a musician who has paid his dues and then some. He knows the trials and tribulations that face all working musicians. It is in his honor that we humbly make a donation to a charity that is close to his heart. He gives so much to his fans we just wanted to give a little something back!”

“I thought I was just another fan of Brian's music but I was wrong," said Silvia from Brazil. "He is a real fan of his own fans around the world and he makes us feel special. Maybe he doesn't realize it but through his kindness and his music he created a ring of people who are now friends (from near and far) and inspired us to do good beyond borders and language barriers. That's the power of music. Feliz Aniversário, Brian! Você merece! (you deserve it!) ," said Silvia from Brazil.

“I believe in giving and admire those who do. Brian Ray exemplifies the spirit of giving and donating to MusiCares in his honor is a chance to give back, honor Brian, and help others at the same time," said Julie. "Everyone loves music and this is a wonderful way to show that appreciation!”

"Brian uses social media to connect with his fans like no other person I know, he uses his charm, wisdom and experience to introduce new music artists and encourages us to listen and learn from music," wrote Katie from England. "He inspires people with his enthusiasm and knowledge of current politics to make a change, and make a difference.”

"I wanted to donate because I love music and its a worthy cause but mostly to honor Brian. He is always rockin' us out and giving of himself with a smile. He has a wonderful soul and energy!," said Mary Motsay.

Ray was very pleased.

"I'm so chuffed that you all would donate to MusiCares in my honor on my birthday. What a nice thing to do!! Woweee! I'm without words, and that's no easy accomplishment, ladies! You must know that your generous donation will help some amazing musician get treatment he or she cannot afford on his/her own."

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