Peter Copeland

Peter Copeland: is a singer/songwriter based in Southern California. He has a following in South East Asia, and performs there three or four times a year. Peter was one of the first Artists to get a Voyage-Air, and has not looked back. He says that with the eighteen hour flight and the safety of his guitar no longer an issue, what was once a huge problem is now a distant memory.

Peter's VAOM- 1C has now been to South East Asia four times. Peter says: "It looks great, sounds great, is a joy to play, and never leaves my side." His new acoustic CD was written entirely on his Voyage-Air, mostly in hotel rooms all over the world. He says: "Having a great acoustic guitar, in new, exotic surroundings, brings out songs and ideas I might not come up with at home. For the first time in my life, wherever I go, and with no stress and effort, I have a wonderful, full size acoustic with me. I'm good to go. And go I do." Peter has performed at our booth at the NAMM show, and fits in well with our team. We love reading his emails from all over the world.

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