'Moose' Brown - TelAir - 'Old Time Rock n Roll'

Jim Moose Brown with Bob Seger in St. Paul, MNSix degrees of seperation? How about ONE? We've all been pretty excited about the Rock and Roll Never Forgets tour. Bob Seger's guitarist, Jim "Moose" Brown has been a long time acoustic guitar endorser for Voyage-Air Guitar, but he recently checked out our line of electrics. He fell in love with our electric custom Lake Blue TelAir Guitar. He began playing it at the beginning of the tour and uses it on Katmandu and Old Time Rock and Roll, to name a few.

Professionals like Moose Brown can play any guitar they'd like, every guitar company wants an endorser like Moose. I have to appreciate and respect his philosophy about endorsement deals. If it doesn't suit him, he sends it back and doesn't endorse, if he likes it, he plays it on stage and does his best to let everyone know that it's a cool guitar.

Subsequently, "Moose" plays both the acoustic and electric Voyage-Air during this tour. Here's a great video of 'Old Time Rock n' Roll' click here.

Kid Rock joined Bob on stage for "Rock and Roll Never Forgets". Unfortunately, we can't share that footage at this time. (Warner Brothers controls any and all footage containing Kid Rock's appearances so just keep an eye out!)

I suppose that Kid Rock joining Bob on stage is a natural fit since they are both from Detroit. It's even more special to me as Kid Rock aka Bob Ritchie also has a home in Nashville, just down the street from me. In fact, years ago, before joining Voyage-Air Guitar, I was an art dealer and had the pleasure of working with him to put together an art collection for his home here.

What we CAN share is this footage of "Old Time Rock and Roll". Jim "Moose" Brown is happily accompanying Bob on our guitar.

I'm happy to see that our electric guitar fits in comfortably with the boys!


To see more videos with Moose playing Voyage-Air click here.


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