Curtis Thorpe

Voyage-Air Guitar
Thanks so much! Glad you like the video.
The Voyage-Air sounds fantastic and here is a little ditty about my thoughts on the Voyage-Air:
"I was amazed by the amount of volume I can get out of my VAOM-06, it is my loudest guitar and also my lightest! It's compact size is comfortable and it's tone is rich. Its great being able to bike all over town with it strapped to my back! The hinge mechanism is ingenious and the overall build quality is top notch."

As for me, I live a somewhat quiet life here in Nova Scotia Canada. I'm 22 years old and grew up in the beautiful Gaspereau Valley surrounded by farms and apple orchards and spend my days biking around with friends. I began playing guitar when I was 17 to try and impress girls (haha) but it quickly grew to become something much more. I started frequenting the local open mics and picking up tips from friends, and jamming with as many folks as possible to try and grow in as many different musical directions as possible. Solo fingerstyle guitar really caught my ears early on because I love how it turns the guitar into a mini orchestra. You can have a bassline, melody and rythm section all playing at once along with some percussive elements all coming out of a wooden box with 6 strings. The guitar is such an expressive intrument and I'm always trying to learn how to make it speak in new ways.  

In 2010 I placed second in a local talent show and started picking up gigs around the area. I've played at a few weddings, house parties, and community events.

Nowadays, I give lessons in the area and jam with a few local bands. I take advantage of the beautiful area I live in and often go out and take videos of myself playing guitar either on the beach or in the woods or any other interesting locations I can find. I also busk in front of local cafe's in liquor stores to try and put a smile on peoples face (and make a little money while I'm at it). I plan on travelling across the country here in the next couple years as part of the WWOOF program (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and bringing my guitar along with me ofcourse. I think it would be great to write a song and film a video at each different place I wind up in.

In the future, I want to continue to grow as a musician and just make people smile with my music.


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