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Patti DeRosa - European Tour

Patti-DeRosa-Copenhagen-2011I love my Voyage Air VAOM-1C! It has traveled to many places with me, always gathering attention and compliments at its quality, sound, and design. I have brought it on tour to Europe twice, performing in Italy, Germany, and Denmark.

Here are a few pix – one from my most recent trip (2013), playing at Fiddler’s Elbow in Florence, Italy, and another from the 2011 Copenhagen Songwriters Festival - where I surprised/shocked the crowd by “unscrewing” it at the end of my set!

You can see me performing with my Voyage Air: (backed up by two wonderful Danish artists Kasper Bai on guitar and Nana Schwartzlose).

Thanks Voyage Air!

Patti-DeRosa-Florence-2013Love, peace, and music.

Patti DeRosa - Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

  • Italian Heart - Sulmona, Italy

  • If You Ain

  • The Box