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Featured Owner

Vincent Verderame





Musical Director / Blue Man Group Las Vegas

It's been a busy trip. After 3 weeks of tech and journey to the other side of the world, we just officially opened Blue Man Group in Sydney to start our seven month tour.

So my journey this summer started with a fantastic trip to North Carolina where I used my voyage-air on a gig for my kids music side project "Ms Maggie and Mr. V." It was Family Day at Elkin Creek Vinyard, and my Voyage-Air performed flawlessly. It stayed in tune and sounded fantastic. I also got stopped by 3 different people in the airport asking about my "guitar-like" case, which I was more than happy to show them. I even got the case under a seat on a smaller plane where the overheads were super small.

Now, I'm in Sydney, Australia. We just opened Blue Man Group at the Lyric Theater. I was on the Today (Aussie version) show yesterday playing drums for Blue Man. The other guys on the tour are psyched in that they all brought electric guitars and I have an acoustic they can borrow. I'll be lending it to them regularly and they'll be fast converts.

Now I'm getting ready to actually do some of my own work in my hotel room using my portastudio (VAOM-04BK with a Fishman pick-up, macBook pro with Logic, Akai MPK mini, Apogee One, JH Audio in-ears plus a tambourine, wood block and cowbell for when it's warmer and we do some busking). All of which fit into my Vogage-air backpack/guitar case!!!! My daughter really digs the guitar too, and was sure to tell all of the TSA agents on our trip - they were all amazed.

Thanks again for making a killer guitar that just happens to be really portable and comes with a great backpack case.