Shark Tank

It's the Friday night hit show on ABC TV. Fans and friends of Voyage-Air Guitar know that in Season 1, we declined a million dollar offer from the Sharks. Since then, we've built a world-wide network of retail dealers in the US, coupled with strategically selected international distributors. Then, ABC ran a Shark Tank follow-up feature during Season 2. In Season 3, we did some things behind the scenes that never made it to air and then in Season 4, we made a deal with Fender Guitar. This has helped to catapult our success. Product orders continue to grow: there's nothing else that compares to a Voyage-Air Guitar!

13 Million-Dollar Businesses That Turned Down Shark Tank Deals: May 2015

The Making of Shark Tank

From Virginia Cannon - Artists Relations, Voyage-Air Guitar

Behind the scenes at McCabe's - first episode Voyage-Air appeared on Shark TankWhen I first got this job in August of 2009, one of the first events that happened with the Voyage-Air Guitar family was the viewing of an ABC reality TV show called “Shark Tank.” This is a show where contestants go to pitch their products or their ideas, and then six self-made billionaires offer them money for a percentage of the company. That, or they get laughed off the show. One of the contestants, for example, wanted to pursue his idea of permanently implanting a blue tooth wireless device in someone’s head so that they wouldn’t have to wear a headphone. What a bad idea!

In early February, I flew out to Los Angeles for the filming of the Shark Tank follow up show. Jeff Cohen, Josh Cohen and I met at McCabe’s Guitar Shop, in Santa Monica, CA. McCabe’s was instrumental in getting us on the original show, so we decided to film the follow-up show there. This is a great guitar shop: McCabe’s has a regular clientele of musician giants, and you never know who you might run into at that store. The staff is knowledgeable, talented, and just really cool cats! One of their sales people is Pete Steinberg. Pete was recently the Southwest Finger-style Champion, and he loves our Voyage-Air guitar!