Owner Stories from the Road

Eric Berg: Cayman Islands

eric berg grand caymanEric Berg about his adventures with his new Voyage-Air guitar in the Cayman Islands: "The picture was taken at Sandy Cay on Grand Cayman a few weeks ago. I was part of a crew that was sailing a 37' Island Packet from Key Largo to the Panama Canal. "I am very much enjoying my Voyage-Air. I purchased it last December, with this trip as well as future travels in mind. "Needless to say, the environment aboard a sailboat isn't ideal for a guitar. It's wet and salty, high humidity, bumpy, and cramped for space. "I am fortunate in that I own a number of nice acoustic guitars ( Martin OM-42, a 000-18GE, a D-35, and a Custom Shop 000-28, a Santa Cruz 00-28, and several vintage Yamaha FGs). I even bought a Calton case for traveling, but it's so heavy it was a pain to lug around. More to the point, I wasn't keen on subjecting any of my $2000+ guitars to the harsh marine environment. "The entry-level VAOM-06 seemed to be just the ticket. The backpack case was the deal clincher.

"I had read about Voyage-Air guitars on the Usenet newsgroup , and knew that many of the forum participants reviewed them favorably. As there are no dealers in my area, I purchased mine on faith and word of mouth. "I have not been disappointed. In fact, quite the opposite. While I wanted the portability and ease of conveyance in a travel guitar, I didn't want to sacrifice tone and playability. "I am happy to report that my VAOM-06 has exceeded my expectations on all counts.

"In fact, I've taken the guitar to a number of jam sessions and received numerous compliments on its sound. When I fold it up at the end of a session, the look on people's faces is priceless. "Just this past weekend, someone remarked that I've been bringing my Voyage-Air to jams more frequently than I have my other Martin guitars. Hmmm.....

"So, in a nutshell, that's my story. Congratulations to all of you on a wonderful, innovative product. I wish Voyage-Air continued success, and I will be certain to continue to be a "good will ambassador."

Eric Berg

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