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Seann Xenja: Brazil with VAD-2

Seann Xenja Just got back from a two week trip to Brazil with my new VAD-2.

I do a lot of international travel, and it was so great to have a beautiful looking and sounding, full size, no compromise guitar to play on the trip.

Didn't have any trouble with airline security, customs, or fitting the case into overhead bins, even on domestic flights with smaller planes. You may have to zip off the laptop bag part, but that is fast and easy to do. For me, playing guitar, practicing, singing, and enjoying the sound of a fine instrument, is a huge enhancement to the whole travel experience. It's going to be played daily at home, too, as one of my favorite guitars. The whole package and design are very well thought out, and I am impressed by how well the travel case is made.

Really love the guitar.

It's giving my Taylor serious competition for playing time!

Thanks so much!!!
Seann Xenja

Seann Xenja with his Voyage-Air in Brazil
Seann Xenja enjoys his Voyage-Air VAD-2 on a trip to Brazil

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