Owner Stories from the Road

Namaste from India

Hardwar-in-a-rickshaw-with-my-friend-Jane-and-my-compact-Voyage-Air-guitar-in-my-lapI have been traveling throughout India with my Voyage-Air guitar since late December, from South to North, and East to West.  From the tip of India where three seas meet (Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal), to the beaches of Kerala, the caves in the foothills of the Himalayas, the banks of the Ganges, the shores of Puri and the mountains of Pune. 

With performances at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Mumbai, at a resort in Kerala, and at an outdoor event for 1500 people in New Delhi.  Many hours chanting at the Pilgrimage sites of Yogananda, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Anandamoyi Ma, Vanamali Devi and Babaji.  Impromptu Kirtans at a huge Shiva statue in Hardwar by the banks of the Holy Ganges, on trains and buses. 

I love my Voyage-Air guitar, and so does everyone else who meets it!

Not only is it lightweight, convenient, with great action and beautiful tone, it is very cool!

The only complaint is that I have to tune it a lot, but that is a small price to pay.  One way I've dealt with that is to not fold it up all the time---instead I just let it poke it's neck out the top of the pack.  Works fine!  (see pictures)

BTW, I bought this beauty at The Fifth String in Berkeley in early December, a few weeks before my departure.  One of the smartest things I've done was to get this guitar!

In Gratitude,
Elizabeth (Dhuti) Johnson

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