Owner Stories from the Road

3 Weeks in La Manzanilla

"Hello Voyage-Air Guitar! Sally Evans here, and just back from 3 weeks in beautiful La Manzanilla, Mexico. I am SO happy that I had my VoyageAir guitar with me. There are lots of musicians and opportunities to gig and jam in the La Manzanilla area. My vacation was made so much more amazing because of my folding guitar! And what a conversation piece...

In La Manzanilla, Mexico with a Voyage-Air"People were amazed at the way it folded and the excellent sound that it has. I had a pickup installed before we left home, and it came in really handy: it allowed me to plug in when I wanted to. I had so many compliments and gave out the VoyageAir website address many times. The few hassles I did have on the flights we took were well worth the overall enjoyment taking the guitar along gave me.

"We live in BC Canada and on our trip to Mexico we flew from Kelowna to Vancouver, and then Vancouver to Los Angeles on AIR CANADA. These were small planes: the guitar did not fit in the overhead bin on either flight, but I was able to put it under my seat and hide the fact that it probably shouldn't have been there from the stewardess! A bit stressful at times.

"From LA to Manzanillo, Mexico (and return) we were on Air Alaska and there was plenty of room in the overhead bins. However, once again, on the flights home from LA we were with both United Air and Air Canada and I had to " hide" the guitar under my seat!

"All in all it all worked out well. Know that not all overhead bins are created equally!

"And having said that, I would not hesitate to fly with my VoyageAir Guitar again."

Sally Evans
Vernon, BC Canada
Sally Evans At the LA Airport with a Voyage-Air





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