Owner Stories from the Road

Kristen Zack: VAOM-1C

Kristen-Zack Born-Sisters-Sept-8-2013 Mushroom-FestivalKristen Zack is a trained classical guitarist, singer and songwriter and a part of Born Sisters a Country duo with her younger sister Kara. Born Sisters perform their original songs anywhere from Tennessee to New Jersey. They have opened for and shared the stage with Erin Enderlin, Jimmy Wayne, The Mulch Brothers, Sarah Darling, Billy and Rose Falcon and Holly Williams.

Kristen is a current student of Millersville University and has been studying classical guitar while making the Guitar Ensemble where Kristen is the only girl who has been accepted into the Ensemble. They periodically perform their classical pieces with special guest artists, and have provided music for recitals and events at various venues along the East Coast of the United States.

A couple of years back while Kristen was playing a demo of one of her new songs at a Nashville music publishing company a performer was playing using the Voyage-Air guitar, ever since Kristen heard that sound she wanted one. Proud to say Kristen is a new owner of the VAOM-1C Voyage-Air guitar and has been playing it at gigs ever since. She’s obsessed with it!

Website: http://www.bornsisters.net

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/BornSisters


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