Stories from the Road

In Iceland

Lawrence White Voyage Air GuitarThis is a very short story that occurred a little over a week ago in connection with my OM-06 Voyage-Air guitar. 

My wife and I were making our way through the international airport in Reykjavik, Iceland, with all of our luggage and me with my Voyage-Air guitar in its carrying case on my back.

Out of the blue, somewhere in the customs/screening area, an unknown attractive woman, who apparently noticed my Voyage-Air guitar case and logo, called out to me. As I paused momentarily to speak to her she revealed that her husband was the owner of the Voyage-Air guitar corporation! Unfortunately, I did not get to meet him as he was not right with her at the time and we had to hurry along through the screening area. We both expressed our amazement at the coincidence and I my great satisfaction with my guitar and joy of being able to take it with me whenever we fly.

Anyway, that's it. It would have been great to also have met her husband and maybe get my guitar signed or something, but it was still a great experience.   

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