David Marks

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David Marks is one of the last true rock and roll heroes whose story somehow went untold…until now.” –
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

David Marks began playing music with his neighbors, the Wilson brothers, in 1958 when he was 10 years old. When Brian Wilson began using that electric Rock and Roll foundation to support his intricate vocal harmonies, an exciting new sound was created. In spring 1962 Capitol Records acquired a demo recording of the songs Surfin’ Safari and 409 performed by The Beach Boys, which upon release became a massive national hit. Over the course of the next two years they would evolve into America’s top rock act. In only 18 months they recorded an astonishing four classic studio albums that included some of rock music’s most beloved...read more on his web site here.

David Marks, Guitarist with the Beach Boys, backstage at Bonnaroo with his BelAir electric