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Camping & Hiking

Camping, hiking and the great outdoors provide special challenges to any musical instrument. In general, it’s a rougher environment, and any instrument is likely subjected to more dinks, donks and bangs. There’s also the question of temperature extremes, and how they affect the tonewoods of a guitar.

The Transit Series guitars are made with extremely rugged engineered tonewoods: Select Mahogany for the back and sides, and Select Spruce for the top. These tonewoods are not only tougher than the more expensive solid woods: they are also more resistant to temperature extremes. The Transit Series guitars are also supplied with the durable Transit Bag carry case, which is the slimmest and lightest backpack-style case offered by Voyage-Air Guitar. They’re also the most affordable Voyage-Air guitars, and a great choice for packing a guitar along for camping, hiking or any outdoor activity.

Next would be the Songwriter Series guitars. For the back and sides, they’re made with the same rugged Select Mahogany as used for the Transit Series. The Songwriter Series guitars have a Solid Spruce top. The extra resonance of the Solid Spruce top makes for great projection, and a louder overall sound that’s great for sing-alongs around a campfire. Spruce is tough stuff, and holds up fine in outdoor use.

Voyage-Air guitars are a natural for outdoor music festivals. Sling one of these instruments over your shoulder, and share your own music with other musicians that you meet. You never know when you might need a guitar – right now – at one of these events, and you never know who you might meet. Voyage-Air guitars can take your musical connections to the next level, and help you expand your career. Everyone wants to see and hear the new ‘folding guitar’ – it’s an easy intro. With your Voyage-Air guitar, you can be there and make it happen!

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