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Stage & Studio

In a performance or recording environment, the extra demands for harmonics, tone and sustain require a solid wood for the top of the guitar. To the trained ear, the differences are significant: the Solid Spruce used for the tops of the Songwriter and Premier Series guitars have a distinct sonic signature that truly sets them apart.

The venue and situation help dictate the choice of guitar. For example, if the venue is a crowded lounge where the guitar may encounter some dings and bangs on its way to the stage, the Songwriter Series guitars are stronger and better suited to the situation. The Solid Spruce top of all Songwriter Series guitars provides excellent harmonics and projection, and the tone quality has surprised discerning musicians the world over. Songwriter Series guitars are absolutely top tone for the dollar, and have a proven on-stage durability.

If the destination is the recording studio or a concert, the Premier Series guitars are the best choice. The solid tonewoods used in the construction of these fine instruments bring out the subtle resonance and harmonics present in only the finest acoustic guitars.

The premium, Solid African Mahogany used for the VAOM-1C and the VAD-1 models emphasize a rich, sparkling midrange, as well as the resonance of harmonics and overtones that can be had from a premium Voyage-Air guitar. The rich dynamics of these models surprise even professional musicians: the result is a guitar that you have to play to believe.

The premium, Solid East Indian Rosewood used for the VAOM-2C and the VAD-2 models consummate the deepest bass tones, balanced across richly-voiced mids and highs, with soaring harmonics. The carefully-crafted Solid Rosewood elicit comments such as “…this may be the Steinway of acoustic guitars!”  Proof? Rusty Anderson, who plays with the Paul McCartney Band, played a Voyage-Air VAOM-2C ON STAGE during the entire ‘Good Evening Europe’ tour in 2009-2010.

Studio ready and stage tough, Voyage-Air Premier Series guitars are proven instruments that are ideally crafted for the demands of professional musicians. No compromise. Stage or studio. Premier Series: Voyage-Air.

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