9000' - Zero Degrees

Back-Packing Snowmobiling Mountain Climing Dinner Club Picker @ 9000' 0 degrees - NO PROBLEMS

I'm the proud owner of a VAD-04.  I've made a living singing and playing since the mid-sixties.  This is one of the most exciting guitars I've ever owned.  

I perform a nightly dinner show for Two Below Zero Dinner Sleigh Rides throughout ski season.  I transport this guitar via snowmobile to a secluded dining facility at 9000' elevation with outside temps near "0" degrees.  Staying in tune is absolutely no problem throughout my 45 min. performance.

I’ve installed a saddle pick-up, and it's now the guitar I use in my nightly show. I depend on this Voyage-Air guitar, as I work in a high-tourist environment.  

Yes, I wish I'd had the opportunity to examine your other products as well.  I've actually suspended playing my Taylor T-5 (kind of a different animal, I realize) because of the better dynamics of this Voyage-Air guitar.  The Voyage-Air is going with me everywhere now.  The picture of me on the snowmobile is not a fake. I really do put it on my back and ride the snowmobile to ‘work’ every day.

I really love this guitar. 

Thanks again,

David Peel

Two Below Zero Dinner Sleigh Rides in Colorado Two Below Zero Dinner Sleigh Rides in Colorado

    A Folding Guitar

    A Folding Guitar

    How It Works - Innovation and engineering has made the folding guitar possible. Here, we give you an overview on unpacking and assembling the Voyage-Air Guitar acoustic and electric models.


    Patented Hinge

    Patented Hinge

    The Patented Voyage-Air Folding Neck-Hinge System is the key to how our instruments fold in half and fit into a backpack-style case for easy stowage and traveling!


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