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For Students

For budget-conscious beginners, the Transit Series acoustic guitars are a natural choice. The body and top of these guitars are made from specially-engineered select laminate tonewoods that are rugged, lightweight and sound great. Because of the pressure lamination process, the wood is also very strong, and is more resistant to temperature extremes than the more expensive solid-wood guitars.

The extra durability of the tonewoods used for the Transit Series guitars make them an ideal choice for young students that may, for example, use a bicycle to travel to a music lesson.

A more advanced student will appreciate the Solid Spruce top woods used for the Songwriter Series guitars. The Songwriter Series guitars use the same engineered Mahogany tonewoods for the back and sides as the Transit Series, and share that durability for the body of the guitar. However, the Solid Spruce for the top provides additional resonance and harmonics to the tone. Students will hear this difference as their skills progress.

Realize that all Voyage-Air guitars are carefully crafted, and are easy to play instruments. So any of them make a fine choice for learning to play the guitar.

Professional educators and music teachers world-wide have adopted Voyage-Air guitars as a first-pick instrument. Why? They’re compact, easy to play and sound great. Voyage-Air guitars are easy to pack and transport for music seminars and workshops. Even at the K-12 and college levels, a lot of Voyage-Air guitars can be stored where space is at a premium: for example, band practice rooms with limited storage shelves for instruments. Many students report that the compact Transit Series guitars will fit in their school lockers.

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