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The Ultimate Travel Guitar - Voyage-Air Guitar


Welcome to Voyage-Air Guitar

Guitars that Fold in Half for Easy Storage and Travel...Welcome!
If you've been directed to this special page, you may be new to Voyage-Air Guitar: The Future of Guitar Travel. This page is designed to give you a quick overview and information about our guitars, and to make it easy to choose the right model for your needs

Do they really work?
YES. We have thousands of excited owners around the world  and who travel throughout the world with their Voyage-Air guitars! Voyage-Air guitars feature a lifetime warranty on the patented hinge that makes the unique feature of folding possible. Here's what some owners are saying about our guitar, click here.
What's Special about Voyage-Air?
All Voyage-Air guitars are full-scale instruments. They are the same size, and play just like a regular guitar. Yet all fold in half, and fit into the (included) backpack-style case! See the video here
Are they good enough to play on stage?
YES. Voyage-Air guitars have been used in live concerts with bands like Jimmy Buffett, Bob Seger, Steve Miller. These guys are pros who can afford to play anything. They choose Voyage-Air guitar. Click here to see.

You make many models.How do I choose the right one?
In general, if you're going to be strumming chords, choose a Dreadnought model. If you're going to be playing individual notes or melodies, get an OM-style model. If you need an electric guitar, we make those too! Here's more info, click here.

Can I buy Factory Direct?
YES. On this website, find the model you want, and click the BUY NOW button. This will step you through the online order process.
For example, here's the VAMD-02 model that we're featuring
at a discount this month, click here.