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What About that Captive Nut?

One of the questions we receive at Voyage-Air Guitar is:

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"During the course of engineering the revolutionary Voyage-Air folding travel guitar, the issue about how to keep the strings from flying off the nut when folding the instrument came up.

The solution is Voyage-Air's patented Captive Nut, used in conjunction with a proven zero-fret design. With this Captive Nut, made of durable Corian, the strings are guided through precision-centered holes in the nut. This exactly locates the spacing for each string while holding the strings "captive" – so they can't come away from their position with respect to the precision tuning machines on the headstock.

What is the "zero-fret" and how does this work? Dating back to before the 1700s, luthiers used a "nut", cut with a slot, to position the end of the resonant string at the headstock. It worked so well that this design is still used on many guitars today. With this design, when you strum an "open chord" it will have the same tonality of a fretted chord. Additionally a zero fret allows the guitar to have a more accurate intonation, because an actual fret is placed in the position where the nut would usually reside. This zero-fret design is clearly superior for the overall tone and tuning of the guitar. And it's used for all Voyage-Air models: from the rugged and affordable Transit Series, up through hand built Premier Series guitars.

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